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Swapfest - May 2nd, 1999

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  • Jon Pearl W4ABC
    Also posted to WCF and FLA Remailers... +ACo-Scout Sertoma s West Central Florida ScoutRadio Network+ACo- will be attending +ACo-St. Petersburg Amateur Radio
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 1999
      Also posted to WCF and FLA Remailers...

      +ACo-Scout Sertoma's West Central Florida ScoutRadio Network+ACo- will be attending
      +ACo-St. Petersburg Amateur Radio Club's+ACo- annual swapfest on the shores of Lake
      Maggorie in St. Petersburg on Sunday May 2nd 1999.


      From Tampa and points East - I-275 Southbound to Exit 9 which is I-175, to
      9th St. South Exit +ACY- turn right and proceed 1 +ACY-1/2 miles to the lake.

      From Tampa and points East - Gandy Bridge Westbound to I-275 Southbound or
      go to 9th St. Exit +ACY- proceed South for 8 +ACY-1/2 miles to the lake.

      From Sunshine Skyway Bridge - Northbound to 54th Ave. South Exit +ACY- turn
      right and proceed East for 2 miles and turn North on 9th St. South and
      proceed North for 10 blocks to the lake.

      This will be our second public outing since our very successful Amateur
      Radio demonstration and radio giveaway at the +ACo-West Central Florida Council
      BSA+ACo- - +ACo-Scouting Spectacular+ACo- last month, where we gave out study manuals
      and testing software, as well as an opportunity for the first 10 boys who
      pass their +ACo-Technician Class+ACo- license to receive a new handheld radio. In
      one testing session in Clearwater a couple of weeks ago, Mike Branda K4HN
      reports that half of the individuals that showed up for testing were Boy
      Scouts, and two more showed up for testing in Gulfport just this week with
      George Baustert W3BLW.

      It is our goal to put in place a linked VHF - UHF repeater system solely for
      Scouting and the friends of Scouting that will encompass the entire
      +ACo-WCFCBSA+ACo-. Some of our goals are being met as we speak. In just the past
      few days, we have taken possession of both a VHF and UHF repeater at a
      centrally located site. The system was donated by Dr. Jerry Smolensky N4IGC
      on behalf of himself and our good friend, the late Richard McCusker KB4BOS.
      The system will be retrofitted shortly with new repeater radio's, antenna's
      and upgraded controller. This site will act as the hub for our multi-site
      ScoutRadio Network. St. Petersburg's site is currently on the air at 145.47
      pl-127.3 and it too will be linked to the hub.

      My partner Dan Johnson W4BNC and I will be on hand at the swapfest with some
      equipment for sale and the ever present donation jar on hand, with the
      proceeds going towards building the repeater network. If any of you find
      that you have old equipment collecting dust and would like to give something
      back to the hobby as well as Scouting, then feel free to leave the seeds
      with us, and watch them grow.

      Come by and talk with us about the proposed system, and see a map and
      detailed listings of the proposed repeater sites and the efforts needed to
      make it happen.

      Yours in Scouting +ACY- Amateur Radio

      Jon Pearl W4ABC +ACY- Dan Johnson W4BNC

      PS- I was asked to write a background article about the ScoutRadio Network
      for the upcoming Lakeland Amateur Radio Club online newsletter. It should
      be out shortly at http://www.qsl.net/k4lkl/
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