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JOTA DStar on Reflector 1A

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  • Dale Finley
    ATTENTION HAM RADIO DSTAR USERS: The Colony and Carrollton, TX Scouts and ham radio operators, will be operating JOTA on DStar radio. The Denton DStar
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2008
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      The Colony and Carrollton, TX Scouts and ham radio operators, will be
      operating JOTA on DStar radio.

      The Denton DStar Repeater/Gateway Port C will be connected to
      Reflector 1A on Oct. 18th from 10 AM until 6 PM and Sunday Oct. 19th.

      Please PROGRAM your DStar ham radio to the Denton DStar repeater on
      147.4500 -Dup, 1.000 offset if you are local to Denton, TX.

      This applies to the following DStar radios: Icom 2200, ID800, ID2820,
      ID91AD and ID92AD. No other radios will work on DStar except for the
      DVDongle (this requires a DVDongle connected to a USB port on a
      computer and running the DVDongle software, "DVTool".

      We will be operating on DStar with Digital Voice communications as
      well as Digital Data using DRats Communications software.

      Please see the Yahoo Group, "ScoutRadio" for more details on DStar,
      Echolink, and IRLP nodes and connectivity.

      Please program your radio for your call sign in "MY Callsign", CQCQCQ
      in Yur Call, and W5ngu^^C in Rpt1, and W5ngu^^G in Rpt2.

      If you are not local to us here, then please link your DStar Gateway
      to Reflector 1A. (REF001AL). You might need to contact your
      Gateway administrator for permission and instructions on how to do this.


      Here's a definition of DStar from wikipedia:


      D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio) is a digital
      voice and data protocol specification developed as the result of
      research by the Japan Amateur Radio League to investigate digital
      technologies for amateur radio. While there are other digital on-air
      technologies being used by amateurs that have come from other
      services, D-Star is one of the first on-air standards to be widely
      deployed and sold by a major radio manufacturer that is designed
      specifically for amateur service use.

      D-Star compatible radios are available on VHF and UHF and microwave
      amateur radio bands. In addition to the over-the-air protocol, D-Star
      also provides specifications for network connectivity, enabling D-Star
      radios to be connected to the Internet or other networks and
      provisions for routing data streams of voice or packet data via
      amateur radio callsigns.

      The first manufacturer to offer D-Star compatible radios is Icom, and
      no other amateur radio equipment manufacturer has chosen to include
      D-Star technology in their radios, yet. Kenwood re-brands an Icom
      radio and distributes it in Japan only.

      See www.dvdongle.com for a USB, no radio solution using a computer
      and a headset/microphone connecting to DStar.

      The FRRL has graciously offered their Reflector 001A for this activity
      for JOTA.

      The Fox River Radio League was established in 1924 as a club offering
      a wide variety of activities and services to the amateur community.
      The FRRL serves the greater Fox River Valley amateurs in northeastern
      Illinois. Our members generally reside in the communities which border
      the Fox River. Some of the cities represented are Elgin, South Elgin,
      St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, North Aurora, Aurora, Montgomery, Oswego
      and Yorkville. We also have members throughout the greater Chicagoland
      area due to our wide-coverage repeater system.

      Thanks, Kermit, W9XA and Gregg, N9CHA for your support from the great
      state of Illinois amateur radio community.

      If you are not familiar with these technologies, please contact Dale
      Finley, KB5NFT@... and I will help you or Google DStar.

      Dale Finley
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