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Re: [ScoutRadio] Summer Camp Radio.

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  • Brian Mileshosky
    Jim (at al) -- If the camp allows, recommend that W3BOY operate 20 meters -- at night -- from perhaps 8pm local until midnight. Propagation has been awesome
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6 5:54 AM
      Jim (at al) --

      If the camp allows, recommend that W3BOY operate 20 meters -- at night --
      from perhaps 8pm local until midnight. Propagation has been awesome this
      past month at nighttime, some evenings better than others, and the boys
      will flip out at all of the stations across Europe, Asia, the
      Mediterranean, down into the Middle East they'll likely hear and be able
      to talk to.

      Without putting much effort into it, since mid-May I've worked Hawaii, New
      Zealand, European Russia, Chile, Asiatic Russia, South Cook Island,
      Norfolk Island, Marshall Islands, Georgia, Australia, Mexico, East
      Kiribati and Kuwait on 20 meters during the night time. Almost got
      Oman, Lebanon and Israel the other night, but couldn't quite lob my
      signal that far. My station is only 100 watts with a measily 20-meter
      single-band dipole up only 25 feet.

      Generally the "if you can hear them, you can work them" rule applies.

      Also, 10 meters has been open at night from sporatic-E, though mainly
      short skip. I did work Hawaii on it a few days ago. This has been fun,
      but not as much as working some super-long DX on 20.

      This general message goes out to other Scouts/scouters and summer camp
      stations: HF is rocking, despite being at the bottom of the solar cycle
      (in fact, the band openings above have nothing too much to do with the
      solar cycle). Take advantage of it as you show off ham radio, or enjoy
      ham radio for yourself.

      If you're a Technician ham, this is this is the perfect time to use your
      new HF privileges, and even upgrade to General. Or, if you're just
      looking to rekindle the excitement of ham radio, this is your passport to
      easily work exotic DX and hang some new QSL cards on the wall.

      73 es gud dx,
      Brian N5ZGT
      ARRL Director, Rocky Mountain Division
      ASM Troop 409, Albuquerque, NM
      Associate Lodge Adviser, Lodge 66 Yah-Tah-Hey-Si-Kess

      On Fri, 6 Jun 2008, James Mc Nichol wrote:

      > Hi all,
      > W3BOY will be operating from Camp John H. Ware III in Peach Bottom,
      > Pennsylvania the week from 29 June to 4 July. Look for them on the HF
      > bands as well as the CCAR (Chester County Ares Races) repeater system.
      > This is the annual Science and Radio Camp week.
      > For the Radio Camp portion of the program, the scouts can earn Radio
      > and Electronics MB and have the opportunity to test for a Radio
      > Amateur License at the end the week.
      > Happy Scouting,
      > YIS Jim Mc Nichol
      > N3LBY
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      > Now that you've got new licensees in your unit, why not have them subscibe to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ScoutRadioYouth
      > Visit "Operation On Target BSA" Mountain Top Signaling:
      > http://www.ontargetbsa.org/
      > Great list of Scouting/Amateur Radio web sites:
      > http://www.k1dwu.net/ham-links/clubs.-.scouting.phtml
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