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Brazilian Scouting Awards

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  • Gary Wilson
    Orlando, PT2OP stopped by the Scout Radio booth at the Dayton Hamvention. He s a big proponent of Scouting and Amatuer Radio in Brazil and asked us to make
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2008

      Orlando, PT2OP stopped by the Scout Radio booth at the Dayton Hamvention.   He's a big proponent of Scouting and Amatuer Radio in Brazil and asked us to make you all aware of these unique Scouting Related Awards that you can earn. They'll look great in shack or your camp's ham station!


      Gary, K2GW


      HF version

      The 100 YEARS OF SCOUTING AWARD was created to commemorate the 100 years of the foundation of the Scout Movement in 1907 by Baden-Powell. It is supported by The Brazilian National Scout Association (União dos Escoteiros do Brasil) through the UEB -Radio Scouting Team.

      The 100 YEARS OF SCOUTING AWARD will be granted to any radioamateur that prove, through QSL cards, contacts with 11 different stations of any part of the world, being obligator at least one Brazilian station, in order to form the words BADEN POWELL with the last letter of each call (example: PY3UEB + PT2GMA + KB5D + G3ALE......).

      The AWARD will have a Radio Scouting special stamp, as endorsement, for those ones that prove, additionally, QSO with 5 different Scout Stations from any part of the world, being obligator at least one Brazilian, to complet the word SCOUT with the first letter of the suffix of the indicative. (example: ZX3S + PS7CE + 9 TI3OY + PY4UEB + JA5TVI).

      The QSL card from Scout Stations might have to bring printed the Radio Scouting logo or Scouting Symbols to confirm that it is a Scout Station and it's not valid to use one call more than once.

      Contacts are valid from January 1st until December 31st during 2007, in HF, any band, any mode.

      The log of confirmed contacts and received QSL must be signed for a local Amateur Radio League representative or two other radioamateurs in order to certify it is according to the regulations. Send it, together with a personal blank QSL card until December 31st of 2009 and 5 IRCs. To ask for the Radio Scouting special stamp endorcement separetely, it is enoug to send a SASE.

      VHF/UHF version

      The 100 YEARS OF SCOUTING AWARD and the Radio Scouting special stamp could be worked in UHF and/or VHF version, being valid the rules above, excluding the requirement of working Brazilian stations. QSO in HF in this version is not allowed.

      For applications in VHF and or UHF it is necessary to send all QSL cards to the award manager and enough stamps to receive it back as registered post mail


      The 100 YEARS OF SCOUTING AWARD and the Radio Scouting special stamp are also available for SWL (Short Wave Listeners), in the same conditions above, as much for HF or VHF/UHF versions.

      Manager: PT2OP Orlando Perez Filho

                        SHIGS 706, bloco L , casa 22 – Asa Sul

                        70350-762  Brasília – DF





      B-P AWARD

                  The Baden-Powell Certificate (B-P Award), will be conferred to the  amateur radio or SWL of the whole world whom they will prove to have kept bilateral contacts or listening of entailed stations to the Scout Movement (radioscouting stations).

                  They will be valid contacts/listening with scout stations, whose card QSL contains any symbol that identifies it Scout Movement, without restriction of date, in the bands of 160 the 2 meters, in any modality, being forbidden the contacts in bands/crossed ways.

                  The QSL remittance will not be demanded. The sending of log is enough contends relation of the contacts done (GCR list) notarized for a amateur radio entity or a scout group or for two hams.

                  Log will have to be filled in the alphanumeric order of the worked prefixes/listened, dates, band and way.

                  For the basic  award they are necessary QSO with 10 (ten) radioscouting stations. It will have stamp of endorsement for each 10 (ten) new worked radioscouting stations.

                  In the confirmation of 100 radioscouting stations worked the petitioner automatically it will be include in the "List of Honor", being forwarded the respective diploma.

                  The cost of the B-P Award is  5 IRC or the equivalent in American dollars. It does not have cost for the endorsement stamps, being enough to send to SASE or 1 IRC



      P.O. Box 4

      58010-970 João Pessoa



      Diploma B-P of Radioscouting

                  Sponsored for the LABRE-SP, it has for objective to stimulate the operations of Radioscouting, in world-wide scope.

                  It will be granted the amateur radio and SWL of any category in any way of communication.

                  For the Basic Diploma, bilateral contacts with 10 (ten) Radioscouting Stations, valid will have to be proven from January of 2001.

                  The evidence will have to be made through cards QSL of the worked stations, that will have to originally contain the world-wide symbol of Radioscouting.

                  The notarized reports (GCR) will have to contain the data of the petitioner (Name, Indicative of Call, Address) and the data of the carried through QSO (Indicative of Call, Date, UTC, Way, Band and RST). The report, will have to be notarized for recognized Radio Association  or two hams.

                  They will be 3 (three) endorsements for the modalities: Telegraphy (BP-CW), International (BP-DX) and Stations of Scout Groups (BP-GE), having to be more proven 5 (five) additional different stations, worked in the same modality of each  endorsement.

                  Cost of the diploma for DX stations/SWL : 5 IRC. For each endorsement, only a SASE.



      Rua Dr. Miguel Vieira Ferreira, 345-A

      03071-080 - S.Paulo – SP


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