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Re: [scoutradio] Radio-Scout ideas

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  • Jon Pearl W4ABC
    Since your original posting on the subject of FRS, Bob, we ve had quite a few join the group. In fact, since the beginning of this month another forty have
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 26, 2000
      Since your original posting on the subject of FRS, Bob, we've had quite a
      few join the group. In fact, since the beginning of this month another
      forty have joined. It may be time for you to re-post your original email
      message from earlier in the week. I think another twenty folks joined since
      JOTA and missed hearing of your experiences.

      If you take the time to do a search on the internet for FRS pages you'll be
      amazed at the numbers. If you read what's going on in the FRS newsgroups,
      these folks are hungry for technology - and all for a widely available half
      watt UHF radio that will never grow it's antenna any longer than is
      presently is.

      I think this is so-much-so because of the absolutely dismal availability of
      Amateur Radio gear or simple information pertaining to Amateur Radio and the
      absolute proliferation of these cheap little radios. I'm not saying it's
      anybody in the AR community is at fault. There are no fingers to point.
      It's just a fact. It's a small niche' market that we're in and FRS radios
      are available everywhere. I know that both information and radios are
      available as close as the nearest Radio Shack, but I don't consider RS a
      fair match-up against any of the mainstream AR dealers. "You've got
      questions - well the folks at RS have more!"

      I am planning on devoting quite a bit of space for the development of FRS
      pages on the ScoutRadio site. Others have done match-up's on radio vs.
      radio and how their PL schemes differ. Really you say? Yes! There are
      manufacturers out there that don't follow common PL line-up and this causes

      No Bob... I don't think you can talk FRS to death. The radios are cheap,
      available, not too complex and a great lead in to Amateur Radio. The next
      subject on the horizon will be GPS capable FRS radios...

      The ARRL Letter
      Vol. 19, No. 40
      October 20, 2000

      * FCC approves GPS-capable FRS: The FCC has granted, in part, a request from
      Garmin for a waiver of the Part 95 Family Radio Service rules [Sections
      95.193(a) and 95.631(d)] that will let the company make and market for a
      one-year trial period FRS transceivers capable of transmitting location
      information derived from the GPS on FRS channels. The FCC says Garmin must
      include information in the instructions accompanying the units that the
      capability to transmit GPS-derived location information is provided "for
      personal and public safety purposes" only and that no other use is
      authorized. Current FRS rules permit transmission only of F3E voice
      communications and CTCSS tones. The units must be designed to limit
      transmission of emission type F2D GPS-derived location information digital
      data bursts to not longer than one second and not more often than one burst
      every 10 seconds, to be actuated by the FRS user. The FCC declined to permit
      Garmin to manufacture units that can automatically poll other FRS units to
      determine their locations based on GPS-derived location data. The Wireless
      Telecommunications Bureau adopted the waiver September 28.--FCC

      Any thoughts on this Bob?

      Jon Pearl W4ABC
      Trustee WA4BSA

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      > On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Gary Thorburn wrote:
      > > Hi, I'm new to this list, so I hope this has not been talked to death...
      > > I've been unable to awaken interest in 2m radio among the boys....
      > One subject that I have pretty well talked to death are FRS radios. But
      > since you said you were new, I will just toss out the plug for $19 FRS
      > radios as a great way to get them interested in radio.
      > Great little 1/2 watt UHF HT's good for about 2 miles with 14 channels.
      > We strongly encourage scouts to monitor channel 1 for others. etc..
      > But I am sure you have heard all this before, so I wont belabor it..
      > bob
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