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2nd Scout Jamboree for Interconnection & Technology (SJIT)]

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  • kammakh montassar
    * * *2^nd Scout Jamboree for Interconnection & Technology **(SJIT)*** * * * * *Invitation:* The Oman Scouts and Guides (OSG) in Sultanate of Oman has he
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 10, 2008

      * *
      *2^nd Scout Jamboree for Interconnection & Technology **(SJIT)***
      * *
      * *
      The Oman Scouts and Guides (OSG) in Sultanate of Oman has he privilege
      to invite all Scouts in regional districts in Oman and all Arab
      Associations Scouts in Arab Region in participating in the 2^nd Scout
      Jamboree for Interconnection & Technology (SJIT).
      We are looking forward in your contribution which enhance scouting
      friendship and brotherhood.
      * *
      (Scoutsim ?. New centenary)
      * *
      The Oman Scouts and Guides**
      * *

          * Enhancing scout friendship and brotherhood between participants
          * The new scout centenary * *

      * *
      From 6 o'clock (GMT) Wednesday morning 19^th March until 16 o'clock
      (GMT) Friday evening 21^st March 2008
      * *

          * The new centenary of scouting
          * brotherhood day for Arab scouts

      * *
      First day - Wednesday 19^th March
      · *participate through me*
      · *Collecting scout photos competition*
      Second day- Thursday 20^th March
      · *Scouting questions competition*
      · *Seminar on the air ( scoutism & new centenary) *
      * *
      Third day- Friday 21^st March
      · *Scouts Entertainment** party*
      · *Oman** forts &castles *
      * *
      National Technology Team (NTT) in the GDSG will administrate the
      jamboree through the Arabic channel in the scoutlink www.scoutlink.net
      <http://www.scoutlink.net/> Radio station in HQ using A47OS/sjit and
      * *
      * *
      * *
      * *
      *How to participate:*
      - Inter to www.omanscouts.com <http://www.omanscouts.com/> brose the
      link to the SJIT where you find all details about it registration,
      competitions and programs.
      - Download the software needed.
      - All contributation, contacts, answers. and mails on the
      sjit@... <mailto:sjit@...>
      - All result will be evaluated instantly and the winners will be
      informed in the finale report which will issue after the jamboree in the
      * *
      - Scouts petrols.
      - Scouts & Guides and leaders all over the World.
      - All Arab associations.
      - All Scouts & Guides Associations.

      *Highlights on the jamboree*
      * *
      *Participate through me:*
      A new competition during the jamboree which enhances friendship among
      participants .Every participant invites at least ten other participants
      to join scoutlink chat room will reward with certificate. Each one of
      them should say who invite him to the scoutlink and the first winner who
      can invite as much participant as he could to join the scoutlink.
      * *
      *Scout photos jigsaw:*
      Photos board is available on the net as a jigsaw game where participants
      collect pieces of photos from other scouts when the contact with them to
      make a complete photo board and send it to the organizers.
      * *
      *Scouts Questions competition: *
      A file in word format is available which contains questions in scout
      history; scout puzzles general scouts? information and educational
      questions. Participants are asked to write answers for all questions and
      send them back to the organizers .points will count according to the
      right answers.
      *Seminar on the Air (scoutism &new centenary)*
      The seminar will run through Arabic channel in scoutlink at the same
      with A47OS/sjit in 21.360MHZ.NTT will administrate the seminar which

          * Scouts achievement in first centenary
          * Scouts future vision
          * Scouts continuum elements
          * How can we preserve Scouts originality
          * Recommendations

      All recommendations will conclude in the final report
      *Scouts Entertainment** party:*
      This competition will conduct through teamspeak voice chat program you
      can download it fro m www.omanscouts.gov.om
      <http://www.omanscouts.gov.om/> .Also through radio and Eckolink every
      scout or petrol present group of entrainments clause or paragraph. Good
      ones will be rewarded
      * *
      * *
      * *
      * *
      *Oman** Forts &Castles: *
      Participants are asked to collect at least 5 photos for Omani forts and
      castles with all information about them (name, place. The person who
      gives the information). They can collect all this from Oman stations
      .Priority for the first who send their participation on
      sjit@... <mailto:sjit@...> with no more than
      100kb for each photo.
      *Participation Certificates:*
      -All participants can have the participations certificates soon they
      send their details (full names, country and group name.) to the
      organizers in sjit@... <mailto:sjit@...>.
      The organizers will send the certificate in JPEG format where
      participant can print it.
      - All winners in SJIT will get appreciation certificates on their e-mails
      *General notes*:

          * Record all your contacts you do or receive with all details of
            country, names and most interesting contacts and send to the
            organizers to include it in final report
          * individual points will counts to the regions or countries
          * An electronic report will issued in the web with all results,
            participation static and recommendations
          * National Technology Team in the GDSG operate the Arabic channel
            and monitor all contacts to keep the rules of chat
          * Exchanged of personals addresses emails are allowed during the event.
          * All participant should inter to the scoutlink before the event
          * All contribution should send to sjit@...
          * The participant outside Oman should use their country before their
            names like (Egypt-Ali) , (Qatar- Ahmed)

      *Radio Frequencies*
      40m 7.090 MHZ
      20m 14.290 MHZ
      17m 18.140MHZ
      15m 21.360MHZ
      12m 24.960MHZ
      10m 28.390MHZ
      *For more information Contact:*
      Oman Scouts and Guides
      P .O. Box 1528
      P.C 112
      sjit@... <mailto:hq@...>
      Hisham Abdul Salam Badawi
      P.R.& Media Officer
      Head of National Organiser Team
      Tel +96824505968
      * *
      montassar kammakh
      3V8ST amateur radio club of Tunisian scout

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