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Spectacular was Spectacular!

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  • Jon Pearl W4ABC
    I want to render my heart felt THANKS to all who participated in Saturday s +ACI-Scout Spectacular.+ACI- It really meant a lot to me to have so many
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 1999
      I want to render my heart felt THANKS to all who participated in Saturday's
      +ACI-Scout Spectacular.+ACI- It really meant a lot to me to have so many
      individuals of 'good character,' step up to the plate. Normally I'm one of
      the guy's that stays hidden in the shadows, and is willing to help when the
      call comes in. This time though, what started out with 'maybe we could, I
      don't know might be able to do this last minute... hey they moved up the
      date and changed the location after 30 years, kinda thang' worked out all

      I was most impressed with the way everyone acted as an advocate for Amateur
      Radio. Each and everyone that helped, lent a different perspective to the
      message... that Amateur Radio and Scouting are a natural+ACE-

      By virtue of the fact that a large number of HAMS showed up in force, I
      trust, has sent a message to the Scouting community, that we are ORGANIZED,

      +ACI-Thanks+ACI- goes to the following, for being the +ACI-Pointmen+ACI- for new licensee's

      Ron, N9EE in the Pasco area
      Mike, K4HN in the Clearwater area
      George, W3BLW in the St. Pete area

      The day was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a better location at
      this venue. We took all the tables outside when we found out that the Beach
      Boys weren't going to be in competition with us from over at Coachman Park.
      People were everywhere, and it 'felt' like spring break. Bridges opening
      and closing, opening again and staying open. Horns honking on Cleveland St.
      just 50 ft. from us. Ahhh SPRING TIME+ACE-

      We played FM, SSTV, SSB, and APRS. We even tracked Chris (N4BSA) as he
      walked around the downtown area with a Kenwood D7 handheld with a GPS unit
      attached. I think some of the adults were more amazed than the kids. Less
      of a culture shock for the kids, I suspect.

      We collected that names of the boys that were serious about becoming Radio
      Amateurs. We handed out all of the +ACQ-40.00 kits that Cliff Uyeda from
      Kenwood sent us. It was hard to do... you simply wanted to give one to
      everyone, but alas we found through conversation with some of these young
      men, that -

      a) A pair of brother's have a RCI-2950 in the house, and that their dad said
      that they couldn't touch it until they got their tickets. (Dad's gonna love
      us.) One of the brother's spent the WHOLE day with us+ACE-

      b) One had studied for the +ACI-Tech+ACI- on a previous occasion, but didn't take
      the test before the syllabus was changed, and was afraid that the test had
      changed 'drastically. +ACI-We'll get him+ACE-

      c) One boy's Grandpa, who has since passed away, was an Amateur, and told us
      that he always loved spending time at the Short-wave with him. +ACI-We'll get
      him too+ACE-

      They, and a few other's got Novice/Tech. kits.

      The amount of equipment sitting on the tables in DOLLARS ,was formidable+ACE-
      This of course could be taken a couple of different ways. We showed a
      glimpse of what Amateur Radio is all about, but we also made sure that the
      boys and their parents understood, that to participate in the hobby requires
      a little time and dedication and about a hundred bux+ACE-

      It is interesting to note that I made a couple of good contacts while I was
      there. Both of the contacts I made, were with Scouter's (Adult Leaders) who
      could, for the betterment of Scouting and with a bit of their influence,
      make our job's a whole lot easier in the coming months while we are trying
      to 'pin down' both 'sites' and 'money' to make a 'linked Scouting repeater
      system' a reality. Networking in the 'Scouting family' is a joy to behold.
      No one is above anyone else, and you're never asked +ACI-So what's in it for
      you?+ACI- We can all learn a lesson from Scouting.

      And finally to Dan... Man, you are Da Bomb+ACE-

      I simply put up a box for boys to talk through and shared with you a dream
      of mine, but you... you jumped in with both feet and didn't even get wet.

      You walked on water.
      (must be the NEW hiking boots)

      I'll wager that by next year at this time, either by hook or by crook, you
      will be seeing the fruits of +ACI-ALL OF OUR+ACI- labor.

      More youth in the hobby.
      A 'built out' linked Scouting repeater system.
      And finally, a few 'little green tents' permanently displayed on your APRS

      Hopefully in the next few weeks, I will have some good news about the 'New'
      affiliations that we are attempting to make. These will allow us to get on
      the 'Fast Track.'

      Again, thanks to all who took the time to care. You are some of the same
      people that spend endless hours away from the comfort of your home's in an
      effort to spread the word.

      73, Jon Pearl W4ABC

      Yours in Scouting and Amateur Radio
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