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Re: Scouts safe

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  • mstrrecd
    Joe, Sorry to hear about your experience. It is sad but true, as I have experienced and faced many of the same attitudes toward radio and technology. I have
    Message 1 of 24 , Oct 4, 2007

      Sorry to hear about your experience. It is sad but true, as I have
      experienced and faced many of the same attitudes toward radio and
      technology. I have been a little more fortunate in a couple of
      ways. First, the opportunity to work with a scoutmaster who flew
      helicopter combat missions in Iraq and understands and appreciates
      the importance of radio communications. Also, I have had the support
      and assistance of fellow Amateurs at the district level in organizing
      an event this year.

      Our event will be held at Camp Lakota and we have had the good
      fortune to be allowed to be part of a Webelos Unplugged event to held
      there that weekend. We will be part of the regular program rotation
      serving ~200 scouts and their parents. We have a lot of neat
      activities planned. Information can be found at:

      As it appears you are in my neck of the woods, I would like to invite
      you and any one you would like to bring out to our JOTA event. We
      need all the help we can get and would welcome your assistance. We
      especially need help Sunday, as there will be three morning rotations
      and then we need to tear down. Please feel free to contact me

      Kent Ochs

      --- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, "Joe Serocki" <joeserocki@...>
      > I need some assistance here.
      > Our Ham Radio Club offer Radio, Electronics and Electricity Merit
      > classes to over 2000 Scouts, we get 20 takers. I was wondering why.
      Then I
      > realized that at least out here in Illinois technology and Scouting
      do not
      > mix. Scoutmasters frown on any sort of technology and won't allow
      their kids
      > to bring anything technological on events. The technical merit
      badges are
      > not Eagle required and there are plenty of easier merit badges than
      > Electronics and Electricity.
      > I approached our Council and I was told that was the way it is. I
      also was
      > told not to bother with JOTA because no one would come out.
      > So, what gives? Is this only in my area or is this some sort of
      > phenomena? Can anyone offer any feedback?
      > Thanks
      > 73, Joe, N9IFG
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      > Subject: [ScoutRadio] Scouts safe
      > Another reason to promote amateur radio in Scouting. Look at the
      > story below and see that the group did not have cell service. What
      > might have been the outcome if one of them had had a ham radio?
      > 73,
      > Bill Morine
      > K2BSA Radio Merit Badge Instructor - 2001 and 2005 National
      > WAYNESVILLE, N.C. - Eight Boy Scouts who got lost while camping in
      > the North Carolina mountains turned up Monday as searchers scoured
      > the heavily wooded area, officials said.
      > "They're fine," said Donna Johnston of the Boy Scouts' Occoneechee
      > Council in Raleigh. "They're out of the woods."
      > Johnston said the boys and their three leaders had gotten off a
      > and decided to set up camp for another night. They waited until
      > daylight rather than trying to walk out in the dark.
      > Rodney Jones, an assistant Scout master whose son was in the group,
      > said they followed their training.
      > "I knew they would do as they were supposed to do and that is
      > down," Jones said. "Everybody's in good shape, a little tired. They
      > said if they had cell service, they would have called us. They
      > as the Scout motto says, they were prepared."
      > Kathryn Logan, whose brother was among the lost Scouts, said he was
      > finally able to get cell phone service Monday morning and told her
      > the troop had gotten off the trail.
      > The group started the trip Friday and was due home Sunday evening.
      > The search was started after they failed to return as a precaution
      > case any of the boys, all age 12 or older, might be injured, said
      > Charity Sharp, spokeswoman for the Cruso Fire Department.
      > Firefighters and search and rescue crew members checked a five-
      > mile area near Black Balsam Knob in southern Haywood County
      > overnight, and a fresh search team of 15 to 30 people with tracking
      > dogs went out after dawn on Monday, Sharp said.
      > (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
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