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1st Annual Space Jamboree, Radio MB and Space Exp Oct. 5-7 ears on 6th

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  • briankaywalker
    Please listen for Scouts on the Air Oct 6th from 8 to 5 EST. Prairielands Council s Prairie Fire District in Champaign IL is having it s first annual Space
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2007
      Please listen for Scouts on the Air Oct 6th from 8 to 5 EST.
      Prairielands Council's Prairie Fire District in Champaign IL is
      having it's first annual Space Jamboree at Camp Robert Drake (we
      usually host the Illini Jamboree this time of year but complications
      with UofI...). Don't let anyone tell you the Midwest doesn't welcome
      Scouts and Technology... listen to this line up!

      NASA Digital Learning Network Friday night live on the big screen
      with bi-directional Video and Audio.
      International Space Station Contact Saturday Afternoon.
      SEGWAY's running around camp, Robotics and HAM RADIO and Lots of HAM
      RADIO... we have the Vermilion County Amateur Radio Association
      providing teachers and operators to put 100 Scouts on the radio for
      10 minute each, plus earn the Radio Merit Badge and are lining up the
      Twin City Amateur Radio Club to help too. We are planning HF,
      UHF/VHF, EchoLink, IRLP, Fox Hunt, APRS, Mobile HF, Morse, Slow Scan,
      HT, PSK32 and more... Venture Crew 272's RV of possibilities will be
      on site (more computers and ham radio, big screens etc), listen for
      WB9SA the home call of Pack/Troop/Crew 272.

      Jamboree on the Air is coming soon too, WB9SA will have three
      echolink stations running... Troop 272 is the fastest growing Scout
      group in Fountain County IN, with High Speed Internet, 10+ Computer
      Stations, HF and VHF rigs... Always a good time JOTA!

      Technology Rules!

      I see the local church youth group hosting Halo parties, and while I
      don't let the kids play M rated games, there are plenty of cool games
      you can play, we mix RUNESCAPE on the web with JOTA, kids around the
      world playing, talking and having fun, don't forget the PIZZA!

      Make it Cool, make it Fun, make it hands on, high tech, make it an
      adventure and don't forget to feed them... and they will come.

      Bring on the technology!

      Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 272
      Leisure Crew 272 Advisor
      District Commissioner Many Streams
      BSA Climbing Instructor (no mountains in IN, but we have Caves ;-)
      NSS, Central Indiana Grotto member
      ARRL VE Instructor
      NRA Instructor
      Guitar Hero hack
      Red Cross Health and Safety Instructor (Life Guard Training)
      Can't say no to anyone.... but having too much fun to worry about it,
      Priceless! Having a wife that will go wild caving with us... Very

      Hope to hear you talking with Scouts on the Air! Much Thanks!
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