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Getting Councils involved in Amateur Radio

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  • Rue Stuteville
    Good morning, I have been having trouble keeping my hotmail account working. It seems like everyday I have to reactivate it. I would like to thank everyone who
    Message 1 of 15 , Aug 23, 2007
      Good morning,
      I have been having trouble keeping my hotmail account working. It
      seems like everyday I have to reactivate it.
      I would like to thank everyone who responded to my getting scout
      councils more involved in amateur radio. The responses were all very
      good and it seems like all councils all dance to the same drum
      (money). Well we all know it takes that to have a program, but they
      should all realize that if you have a great program people will
      respond with donations.
      Have been in scouting since I 949, I have seen a lot of changes some
      good some not so good. The one I will always remember is a remark from
      the scouter who was our Council Executive. I got to know him very well
      because he was very involved in the program, I joined the military and
      had been away for several years and I was home on leave. I went to
      visit him and he had an open door policy, unheard of in our council
      now. They have a lock on the door to the professionals now, you have
      to have them call to see them or have an appointment. Well our council
      had over 15,000 scouts and more than 5,000 volunteers at the time. The
      professional staff numbered around 10 including the office staff and
      the field staff. Now we have less than 10,000 scouts and around 5,000
      volunteers. We have 3 times the professional staff now so you can see
      the need for always looking for money. Well I went right into his
      office because it opened right into the main lobby. We talked for
      awhile and he said that scouting was really changing. I asked what he
      meant and he said that professional scouting was changing, it was no
      longer a profession it was now just a job. I didn't know just what he
      meant and he said they were getting all the benefits that regulars
      jobs had like life insurance and health benefits and retirement. Now
      that they had that people would become professionals because they
      wanted a job and not for the love of the scouting program. How true he
      I have served for two years as the District Chairman and that was an
      eye opener, and in my years in the scouting program I think I have
      seen all the things that was said as to why councils don't like
      outsiders as merit badge counselors. I have seen the people in
      scouting who are only here to pray on the youth, one our worse ones
      was a professional.
      I have some good news from the council that I wrote about to begin
      with. The ham has had people who are ham and in the scouting program
      step up and say they would become counselors for Radio Merit Badge, so
      this worked out great and he is happy.
      From the looks of things in the amateur radio world there are more and
      more youth getting involved, the more articles that I read the more I
      see about our involved youth. World Radio has an article on the last
      page of the September's news about the "Young Ham of the Year". He is
      a scout and his project for Eagle involved making and donating 30 220
      j-pole antennas to the Carolinas Amateur Radio Emergency Services
      (CARES). QST had an article on the JOTA, and the scholarships awarded
      to 61 amateurs and there is a lot of smiling young faces there. I see
      a lots of you amateurs who are working in scouting doing a great job,
      keep it up!!

      Rue "Rudy" Stuteville KA4PLH
      Asst. Section Manager, Scouting and Youth
      Virginia Section
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