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Re: [ScoutRadio] Re: JOTI comments was: 2007 JOTA logos

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  • Sjaak van Dam
    Hi Frank and all, I will insert my comments below. ... There are locations and license restrictions that prevent some Amateur Radio operators from connecting
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      Hi Frank and all,

      I will insert my comments below.

      On 8/14/07, Frank Krizan <frank.krizan@... > wrote:

      Howdy all,


      I am in favor of separating JOTA and JOTI.  JOTA has been held in October since its beginning.  I like the idea of holding JOTI in April.  It's 6 months opposite JOTA in October.

      JOTA and JOTI are two different forms of communication.  JOTA uses electronic equipment, in particular radios to communicate between locations "without wires" and without any supporting infrastructure other than the ether, which is "free" and without tariff.  JOTI uses electronic equipment, in particular computers which require a "wired" and tariffed infrastructure.  I do acknowledge that Ham radio also uses the internet and satellites, but, let's face it ... most of JOTA is accomplished using SSB on HF.  I'm sure there are localities that benefit from IRLP and EchoLink connected repeaters, but, for JOTA this should be RF to RF with the internet in between.

      There are locations and  license restrictions that prevent some Amateur Radio operators from connecting to other Scouts around the world. Here IRLP, Echolink, CQ100 and JOTI can provide a solution.
      However, some of the most enjoyable JOTA contacts I made when I was a (cub) Scout was with the troop down the road (less then 1/4 of a mile!)
      For Cubs SSB is difficult to understand and most Cubs in other countries don't speak your language (J-code can help here http://home.tiscali.nl/worldscout/Jota/library.htm)

      Most scouts are not licensed amateur radio operators.  I would suspect that the great majority of scouts have access to the internet, either personally or through their school or community.  If the proper software infrastructure is in place, scouts could safely communicate via the internet with other scouts at their leisure.  Having a specific day or dates really isn't necessary.  JOTA benefits from Ham radio volunteers assisting scouts in talking over the airwaves.

      Actually a lot of Scouts don't have access to the Internet. Only us in the western "connected" world have this luxury.

      If it's "communicating" that's the emphasis, I wonder why someone hasn't suggested JOTT – Jamboree Over The Telephone.  Scouts who want to "talk" with other scouts just list their telephone number in a periodical or on the internet and other scouts, somewhere in the world, randomly or pseudorandomly choose a number to call.  The cost is probably not that great compared to the cost of computers, data lines or radios.  I seem to remember Wayne Green of 73 Magazine suggesting something like this for DXCC many years ago.

      I like the JOTT idea ;) But telephones are not every where.

      I suspect that areas of the globe that have a limited number of adult volunteers who are scouters, Hams and internet enthusiasts would prefer to get everything over and done with in one weekend.  Those same folks are probably strapped with organizing campouts, activities and numerous other scout gatherings.  Areas that have an adequate number of volunteers probably don't mind having activities, such as JOTA and JOTI, at different times of the year. 

      You might be right that it would not be a problem organizing a separate JOTI weekend. But I am still not convinced that have the JOTI during the same weekend as JOTA is such a big problem. (see my point at the end of this email)

      Why not have other forms of communication promoted during the year?  During the summer, we could have JUMM – Jamboree Using Mechanical Means (i.e., semaphone, heliograph and wig wag).  In the winter, we could have JUWM – Jamboree Using Written Methods (i.e., Pen Pals).

      If it's a weekend of communicating along with scouting, why not get scouting groups all over the world to hold their Fall Camporee, Fall Jambos, JOTA, JOTI, October campout, JOTT, JUMM, JUWM,  and whatever else on the same weekend.  That way, we could get all scouting activities out of the way for a season or the entire year and allow everyone to relax the rest of the year.  Maybe we could call this the "JAMBOREE ELECTRONICA" where any form of electronic communication is encouraged.  BEFORE YOU GO OFF ON THE DEEP END ... THIS IS A TONGUE IN CHEEK STATEMENT ...


      I realize that radios and the internet have become intermingled in the last few years.  Some previous posters have suggested that the goal is allowing scouts to communicate with other scouts and that radio and the internet are just means to that end.  Many scout units and larger groups operate a Ham radio station at a remote campsite during JOTA.  Scouts are able to communicate using no wires and no tariffs with other scouts.  These units don't have the luxury of the internet at campsites.  Yes, I know wireless internet is becoming more available throughout the US, but, infrastructure and tariffs are involved.  One can't do JOTI without help from someone else as the "middleman". 

      The same goes for JOTA as many Scouts are not licensed or don't have the financial means of buying HF rigs.

      If JOTI is held at another time of the year, an international event would be easier to accomplish in a "home" environment with good internet access.  Two separate events would probably significantly increase the total participation world-wide.   


      I think I also speak for the many RadioScouters who nostalgically remember the roots of JOTA and don't want to see Ham Radio and RadioScouting watered down.  These same RadioScouters are also involved in the internet and would probably be happy to assist with a JOTI operation, but, in a different setting.  From a youth-safety standpoint, I also believe that JOTA has greater youth-protection safeguards than communicating over the internet.  Radio contacts are generally supervised and "self policed".  The internet has limited supervision  and little policing.

      The way JOTI is setup is that it is supervised. The JOTI organizers and volunteers put a lot of time and effort in the safety of the Scouts.
      If you think radio is safe then download MMSSTV and hook it up to you radio. A lot of the SSTV pictures that are on the airwaves are not suitable for (Cub) Scouts.....

      73, Frank KR1ZAN

      The JOTA vs JOTI discussion comes up every year and me reacting to it doesn't help.....
      In my opinion the underlying issue is not JOTA vs JOTI but the fact the many Hams feel threatened by the Internet.
      I say this because after a decline in JOTA participation that bottomed in 2001 JOTA participation has been rising world wide ever since!
      So the JOTI thread is only in the mind of the Amateur Radio operator because the figures tell a different story.
      It is up to US (Licensed Amateur Radio Operators) to keep the hobby interesting and appealing to young people! JOTA can be a great show case for the hobby as long as we don't forget that we are there to assist the Scouts!
      In the USA less then 1% of the Scouts participate in JOTA / JOTI. It is up to us Radio Scouts to get the word out and show Troops and Councils what a great event JOTA is!

      YiS Sjaak
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