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Amateur Radio Youth Programs at the Huntsville hamfest

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  • Steve Conklin
    Here s some more information about youth activities at the hamfest in Huntsville, Alabama. This is from Rebekah Dorff Williams - WG4Y, ARRL Alabama Assistant
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2007
      Here's some more information about youth activities at the hamfest in
      Huntsville, Alabama. This is from Rebekah "Dorff" Williams - WG4Y,
      ARRL Alabama Assistant Section Manager for Youth Activities.



      This year the ARRL is having their National Convention at the Huntsville
      Hamfest on Aug 18-19. This means that there will be a large exposition,
      expo area set up and we will have an "ARRL Youth Expo and Lounge". This
      is going to be a great chance for young hams and non-hams to get together.

      ARRL Youth Activities and Youth Lounge - Please come by the ARRL Youth
      Lounge to meet and socialize with other youth and young hams. There will
      be something there for everyone. We will have snacks, games, crafts,
      and lots of prizes. You can also meet this year's "Alabama Outstanding
      Youth Ham" and the National Young Ham of The Year. You don't have to be
      licensed to come by and join in the fun. Their will be a giant "Alabama
      Piglet" walking around that can show you where the booth is located.

      Youth Activities and Games - We will have crafts and materials available
      to design your own qsl card to display at the table. We will also be
      having several games, more may be added later.

      Ham Radio Scavenger Hunt - This is where you walk around the hamfest and
      try to find hams from five different callsign numbers. We will have
      this both days with prizes drawn from the entries.

      Ham Radio Jeopardy - You will have five questions that you will walk
      around and ask five different hams. You write down their answer and
      callsign and then turn in your sheet. We will have this both days and
      will have prizes each day drawn from that days entries.

      Hourly Prize Drawings - We will have hourly prize drawings. All that
      you need to do for this is come by the booth and fill out an entry form.
      We will draw for the prizes from those entries.

      Fox Hunt - We will have a foxhunt on each day. We will have great
      prizes available for the first youth to find the fox on each day bring
      your fox hunt grear.

      Current List of Prizes:
      (3) 5 CD Home Stereo System
      Icom V-8 Handheld Radio

      Yaesu FT-60


      Weather Radio
      Practice Code Oscillators
      Plasma Ball
      Magnetism Science Kit
      Weather and Climate Science Kit
      Davinci's Challenge Game
      Chem Lab - Chemistry Set
      Smithsonian Emergency Radio
      Erector Set
      Kenwood Jackets
      Radio Control Cars


      (3) TV Plug & Play Games

      (2) Stainless Travel Cups
      (2) Mugs
      (2) Calculator/Pen Sets
      (2) Travel Computer Mouse
      Quill Pen
      CD Case
      (3) Large World Clocks

      (3) Small world clocks

      (3) MFJ Dual Band 144/440 MHz Mobile Antennas

      (11) MFJ Coffee Mugs

      I would like to say a special thanks to ARRL, Huntsville Hamfest
      Association and Gigaparts for their very generous donations and
      support. I also want to thank Kenwood, MFJ, W4OZK, NN4C and WN4C for
      their support and contributions. These events would not be possible
      without the support of such generous donors. We are hoping to have
      more prizes and sponsors by hamfest. Anyone interested in donating
      prizes please contact Rebekah at wg4y@....

      All youth 18 and under are eligible for prizes. You must be present to
      win prizes.

      ARRL Youth Dinner - The youth dinner will be on Saturday, August 18th at
      6:00 pm. I have reserved a room at Ryan's restaurant. Parents are
      welcome to come, but will be sat at a separate table than the youths.
      If you know that you will be coming, please come by the ARRL Youth Expo
      Booth and register so we will have a preliminary head count.

      Alabama Piglet T-shirts - I have had some "Alabama Piglet" T-shirts
      printed and will be selling them for $12 each. I have lots of youth and
      adult sizes. The shirts are really cool. You should come by and check
      them out.

      BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology) These youth will be
      coming on Saturday to demonstrate a robot that they are making for this
      event. The demonstration will be at the "Youth Expo" on Saturday
      morning at 11:00am. BEST is a non-profit, volunteer based organization
      whose mission is to inspire students to pursue careers in engineering,
      science, and technology through participation in a sports-like, science
      and engineering-based robotics competition.

      ARRL Youth Calling Frequencies - If you're looking for other youth
      during the convention, try calling them on the youth calling frequencies:
      145.540 MHz (107.2 Hz CTCSS) primary
      146.430 MHz (233.6 Hz CTCSS) secondary

      "Alabama Outstanding Youth Ham Award" will be awarded on Saturday
      afternoon. For more info on this year's winner please see the following


      Bring a young person to the hamfest and point them to the ARRL youth
      expo area!!

      For more information about any of this, please contact:

      Rebekah "Dorff" Williams - WG4Y
      ARRL Alabama Assistant Section Manager for Youth Activities
      Rt 1 Box 293
      751 W Green Street
      Marion, AL 36756
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