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  • Jon Pearl W4ABC
    ... From: K4HN@amsat.org To: Jon Pearl W4ABC Date: Friday, March 26, 1999 7:35 PM Subject: Re: [Scout Mlist] Re: [scoutradio]
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      Date: Friday, March 26, 1999 7:35 PM
      Subject: Re: [Scout Mlist] Re: [scoutradio] More Updates

      >What time does it open in the am. Have you worked out any schedule.

      Dan (W4BNC) and myself will be there around 0700. The program is still
      another hour later. Talked to Paul (K2SEC) and he'll be along. He has to
      get his auto a/c sorted out before the drive to the hurricane conference
      this Tues., so he will be running behind Dan and I.

      We are getting there early, because the parking lot that "WE" have been left
      with, is but a sliver of it's former self. Much of the parking lot to the
      north, has been fenced off, to accommodate 'paid' parking for the events at
      "Coachman Park."

      I talked with one of guy's that I work with, who runs the FD post in St.
      Pete, and he said that they aren't going to show. Can't stuff a 100' ladder
      truck inside this building like you could at the Bayfront Center.

      Am I missing something? Was something broke? Are we trying to fix

      We'll just have to see how this venue plays out, and see if the 'majority'
      still wants to keep it in Clearwater for another year.

      Anyway... Dan and I have been busy today, and still doing paperwork
      presentation, and need some sleep.

      Will see you (Mike) and "EVERYONE" at the "Harborview" tomorrow (Saturday,
      all day) for the 1999 Scouting Spectacular.

      73 Mike

      Jon Pearl W4ABC
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