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RE: [ScoutRadio] Scout Radio weekly nets

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  • Frank Krizan
    Hi Matt, I don t think the US Scouting Net has been active for sometime, principally due to propagation conditions and no checkins. The Scout Camp Calling
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 18, 2007

      Hi Matt,


      I don’t think the US Scouting Net has been “active” for sometime, principally due to propagation conditions and no checkins.  The Scout Camp Calling Protocol has somewhat replaced it.  You’ll find the SCCP in the files section of ScoutRadio.  In addition, check recent postings for Camp Operating Location Announcements (COLA) for specific operation from scout camps.


      The various Nets worldwide have become the “chicken and the egg” syndrome – there’s a Net and noone checks in or there are folks listening but no net control.  I’m hopeful that as we climb the sunspot ladder and conditions improve that the Sunday afternoon net or a replacement will become active again.


      73, Frank KR1ZAN

      Garland, TX



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      Has anyone heard of weekly scouting nets held by K2BSA and others?
      I found the below schedule here: http://www.bsa13. com/jota/

      Here is the Sked:
      Country Contact Day Time Frequency Net Control

      European Net Saturday 09:30 GMT 14.290 Mhz. PA3BAR

      Australia 1st,3rd,5th Sunday 02:00 GMT 14.290 Mhz.
      VK6SAN 2nd Sunday 02:00 GMT 21.190 Mhz.
      4th Sunday of month 02:00 GMT 28.590 Mhz.

      Brazil Saturday 18:00 GMT 14.140 Mhz. PY2EUB
      Saturday 16:30 GMT 7.090 Mhz. PY2GMR

      Denmark Saturday 13:00 GMT 3.740 Mhz.

      France 1st Sunday of month 10:00 GMT 3.743 Mhz. FF1SDF

      Germany 1st Wednesday of month 21:00 local 3.678 Mhz. DH6DAO

      Italy Saturday & Sunday 14:00 local 7.090 Mhz.

      Japan 3rd Saturday of month 23:00 local 21.360 Mhz. JA1YSS

      Norway Saturday 15:30 local 3.740 Mhz.

      Netherlands Saturday 19:00 local 3.740 Mhz. PI4RIS

      Sweden Saturday 15:00 local 3.740 Mhz.

      United Kingdom Saturday 09:00 local 3.740 Mhz. G3BHK

      United States Sunday 20:30 GMT 14.290 Mhz. K2BSA

      West Africa Sunday 07:00 local 7.070 Mhz. 9L1AM

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