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RE: [Scoutradio] Invitation to join the EuroJam Amateur Radio team...

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  • Neal Harden
    Hallo Malcolm I have just been appointed to the Brownsea Island events team as Stage Manager. This does mean I will be fairly busy, especially late afternoon
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 19, 2007

      Hallo Malcolm


      I have just been appointed to the Brownsea Island events team as Stage Manager.  This does mean I will be fairly busy, especially late afternoon and evening.


      However I will try and get to the radio shack whenever possible.  I was at Eurojam on H & S and managed to make it to the shack there a few times and enjoyed the hospitality, especially when a birthday cake arrived!!


      I look forward to meeting the team on the island and also making contact with Hylands Park .






      From: Malcolm - G4CXT [mailto:g4cxt@...]
      Sent: 17 February 2005 08:39
      To: ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Scoutradio] Invitation to join the EuroJam Amateur Radio team...


      >EuroJam 2005 Amateur Radio Station and Brownsea Reloaded 2005 Amateur
      >Radio Station.
      >You are cordially invited to apply to join the Amateur Radio Team for
      >the forthcoming EuroJam Camp, to be held in Hylands Park , Essex , from
      >the 29th July to the 10th August 2005. This will be the largest camp
      >held in the UK for many years, with approximately 15,000 Scouts
      >expected to participate. Full information about EuroJam can be found
      >here: http://www.eurojam.org
      >We have been invited to put together a team of 30 International Service
      >Team operators to run the Amateur Radio Station on the site.
      >In addition to the Essex site, we are also looking to form a team of 7
      >operators to run Radio Scouting activities from Brownsea Island for the
      >same  period, for a series of camps known as 'Brownsea Reloaded'.
      >Information regarding the Brownsea activities can be found here:
      >The approval to  form these teams was only given on the 10th February -
      >so things now have to move fast for us to compose the teams and prepare
      >the stations in time for the events. With this in mind closing date for
      >applications is no later than Monday 28th February 2005. Applications
      >are invited for either team by email to: eurojam@...
      >If you are selected to be part of the team for Eurojam, you must then
      >apply on-line to the IST - the International Service Team - and be
      >approved by your country's Scouting organisation. Full information
      >about the IST is available here:
      >Fees for the IST will vary from country to country, but the cost for
      >the UK is £340.00. Full information about the UK contingent, including
      >the IST is available here: http://www.eurojam.org.uk/
      >Application for Brownsea Reloaded takes a slightly different form and
      >you will be supplied details if you are selected - DO NOT apply to the
      >IST for Brownsea Reloaded.
      >Cost for Brownsea Reloaded is to be confirmed but is expected to be in
      >the region of £75.00
      >Here are the main points:
      >You must be 18 or over
      >You have to be a member of your local Scout or Guide Association.
      >All operators must have a valid Criminal Records Bureau check (CRB) -
      >or local equivalent if outside the UK .
      >All operators must be keen radio enthusiasts, though not necessarily
      >All station activities will be in English, however additional languages
      >are positively welcomed onto the team.
      >Correspondence will be primarily by email - due to the short lead time
      >for this event.
      >You must be available from the 27th July to the 11th August to include
      >set up and dismantling of the stations and activity areas.
      >Applications are invited from all countries to join the teams for both
      >If you would like to apply to join the Amateur Radio team for EuroJam
      >or Brownsea Reloaded:
      >Please complete the application form ( Download the form, or appply
      >on-line from:
      >www.radio-scouting.org.uk/eurojam )
      >Please send a CV of your Scouting experience and a short statement of
      >interest in joining the team.
      >Please also tell us about your radio experience, any large scale events
      >you have taken part in, what modes you operate and any special radio
      >interests which you could contribute to Eurojam or Brownsea Reloaded.
      >Don't delay in applying - time is critical!
      >We look forward to receiving your application soon!
      >Richard Gaskell
      >National JOTA Co-Ordinator, United Kingdom .

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