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Re: [ScoutRadio] dream come true

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  • tarek aziz
    Hi Fred thank u so much for your sweet email and i hope my story will help all the scouts all over the world to dream and find there goal from now , they will
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      Hi Fred
      thank u so much for your sweet email and i hope my story will help all the scouts all over the world to dream and find there goal from now , they will sure got it one day to reality .
      Tarek Aziz

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      From: Fred Stevens K2FRD <k2frd@...>
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      Tarek, thank you for a truly inspirational story. I share with you your pride and satisfaction of a Scouting job well done, especially with the knowledge that your contribution will last a lifetime for these Scouts and for the worldwide enhancement of Scouting.

      73 and Yours In Scouting,

      At 3:47 PM +0000 1/3/07, yforce_2000 wrote:

      >Attention (dream come true)
      >Hi all
      >I would like to share my really accuses story. it start when I was 9
      >years as cub scouts, there was a kid magazine here in Egypt and it is
      >talk about scouts in cartoon and in that magazine the scouts having
      >there own club for that moment my dream starting, to have my scout
      >club only for scouting, the committee scouts, the workers is scouts,
      >the sport trainer is scouts, every body in this club is scout, that
      >was my staring dream. Again when I was 9 years old, then the time goes
      >and I become Boy Scout. then senior scout, then explorer , then I
      >start my leadership but I was always looking for the deferent and how
      >to be the first one doing such new stuff , from that thinking , I was
      >found of science then I thought the most important thing to discover
      >is science in same time I do love scouting so much then I started
      >mixing them together in my groups and I started my first scientific
      >scout group in 1980 with few scouts doing scouting programs and fill
      >it with science I found it so great to put in my programs. science in
      >camps , trips , meeting and so on and from that moment the scouts go
      >increase more and more till they become 600 scouts and guides in my
      >groups and from that moment was thinking harder for my dream to locate
      >all this number after we was part of youth club , I did a project to
      >Housing Society asking them to give us land to help scouts to do there
      >own activity and I was so happy when they agree and gave us good space
      >around 8000 square meter in place call wadi hof in Cairo Egypt and
      >from that moment we start building our scout club from our pockets
      >and with the help of the scouts parents . and my dream finally come
      >true , and im starting to complete it to make every thing inside made
      >by scouts and now it is become our first scout club in Egypt belong to
      >only my groups scientific scout groups , and the most nice thing in
      >that we start to establish the first international scout museum in
      >Egypt and we advertise that and we got lots of response from all over
      >the world and some of the scouts like French scouts ,U.S.A scouts
      >,German scouts ,ask to come and share building that scout club with
      >is , isn't it nice and great to share the world brotherhood in
      >scouting with u in a fabulous place only for scouts and done by scouts
      >, im very happy to share u my success story and to tell u that dreams
      >can come true one day so dream and dream one day u will got ur dream true
      >Ps.. if u like to share us planning to come and visit Egypt one day ur
      >troop are welcome to be hosted in our first scout club in Egypt
      >Tarek y aziz

      73 and Yours In Scouting de Fred Stevens K2FRD, VO2FS
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