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Re: Radio Merit Badge Day

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  • Gary Wilson
    ... but ... extended ... net ... other ... Rich: In the files area here at ScoutRadio you ll find the Radio Merit Badge student workbooks that we use and have
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 16, 2007
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      --- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, "richverona" <richsd@...> wrote:

      > We had a successful event with 17 scouts earning the radio badge,
      > checking to verify each scout's understanding of the material
      > our event to 3 PM from a 9 AM start. We used a checklist from the
      > which mirrors the topics from MeritBadge.com. What process have
      > groups used to make sure the requirements are learned?


      In the files area here at ScoutRadio you'll find the Radio Merit
      Badge student workbooks that we use and have been shamelessly adapted
      from those used by others. The boys fill them in as we go through the
      day and they also have a take-away guide to radio.

      We try and limit the class size to 12 at a time (hence our
      rotating "patrols") and have three ham instructors in each class.
      This gets the ratio down to 4:1 for having their materials reviewed
      at the end of each session.

      Technically, the boys only need to write down the items only the
      items bordered in black, but having the other things written down
      makes it really easy for them to handle the things marked "explain"
      or "tell" in the requirements.

      BTW, we get out of the printing business by sending it to them as a
      PDF with their registration. Some of the boys actually have a lot
      completed beforehand, although we just ask them to read the pamphlet
      and work on their chart of the electromagentic spectrum as that's the
      most time consuming.

      I'm sure others have ideas as to how to do it with a large group.


      Gary, K2GW
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