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Re: [ScoutRadio] Simple Camporee Station

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  • Dan Scott
    Wow.. thanks for the great idea. I ve been trying to get fox hunting going but had a hard time with getting equipment and this might be just the thing I
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2006
      Wow.. thanks for the great idea. I've been trying to
      get fox hunting going but had a hard time with getting
      equipment and this might be just the thing I needed.
      Maybe even tie it to Orienteering as the first leg.


      Dan - kb0ppm

      --- Gary Wilson <k2gw@...> wrote:

      > I know others have offered radio foxhunting to
      > scouts, but here's an
      > variation to try if you only have limited equipment
      > and a lot of
      > scouts. With only one foxbox and one Direction
      > Finder, we had a few
      > hundred scouts get a taste of Radio Direction
      > Finding at this past
      > weekend's district camporee.
      > How did we do it? Well, first of all, we were one
      > of the stations
      > that patrols had to visit to get points in the
      > competition. As the
      > camporee wa about solving a mystery involving a
      > missing aircraft, we
      > easily added locating a transmitter to the scenario.
      > We hid the foxbox over the hill at a place not
      > normally visited by
      > the Scouts and not directly visible from our
      > camporee station. And
      > we hung one of the big "When all else fails" banners
      > over it.
      > As each Patrol came to our station, we explained the
      > problem to them
      > and then had them use the VK3YNG RDF to determine a
      > compass bearing
      > to the transmitter. This DF is easy for a group to
      > use as the S
      > meter is an audio tone that changes in pitch. The
      > patrol was then
      > told to follow the bearing using their own comapas
      > to the site and
      > report back what the banner said. Most found it in
      > less than ten
      > minutes.
      > When they came back, we then signed their patrols
      > score card and
      > gave them a flyer explaining how to sign up for a
      > free one day Radio
      > Merit Badge class in the winter.
      > The advantages of this approach was the minimal
      > equipment and staff
      > involved, the reinforcement of a traditional scout
      > skill of using a
      > compass and avoiding the difficulty newcomers often
      > have with DF'ing
      > very close to the transmitter.
      > So consider it as a simple idea for your next
      > camporee to give a lot
      > of kids a taste of Amateur Radio.
      > 73
      > Gary Wilson, K2GW

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