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  • Ray Vaughan
    It s with deep regrets that I must today terminate all my support for the Boy Scouts of America. Today s Supreme Court ruling, while close, unfortunately
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2000
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      It's with deep regrets that I must today terminate all my support for the Boy Scouts of America. Today's Supreme Court ruling, while close, unfortunately gave BSA the right to discriminate, the most un-American of all activities. While today it may be Gays, Agnostics and Atheists, soon it could be handicapped, blacks, Jews or foreigners. Today's test makes it clear that they have the right to discriminate.

      I'm a firm believer in the fact that "Freedom of Religion" means also "Freedom from Religion." The fact that BSA finds me unsuitable to be a leader now forces me to express my feeling that they are unsuitable to be leaders of young men. For that reason, I will no longer be a part of it.

      I will of course continue to do everything I can to bring young people into Amateur radio. However, it will be without the help of Scouting. In fact, thanks to the public service aspects of Amateur Radio, I strongly feel we can replace many, if not all, of the services Scouting used to offer to young people.

      "(1) An operator/primary station license grant. One, but only one, operator/primary station license grant may be held by any one person. The primary station license is granted together with the amateur operator license. Except for a representative of a foreign government, any person who qualifies by examination is eligible to apply for an operator/primary station license grant."

      Isn't that interesting? Not one requirement to worship a god. No checks to see who you love.

      I will remind parents that there are many alternatives to Scouting for their children, most of which do not have prejudice as their driving force. I will also remind sponsors of Scouting that their money is supporting a group I find to be contrary to the spirit this country was founded on.

      Am I mad? Yes. But more disappointed. To find out that the leadership of BSA has such deep set fears of the unknown, such deep moral flaws that they spent a dime on defending their right to discriminate says volumes about what really makes the organization tick.

      I encourage anyone with similar feelings about fairness and freedoms to consider the same move. While today it may not be one of your labels, some day it will be.

      Ray J. Vaughan, MS, CBTE, CERT
      KD4BBM PG-7-15266
    • Bob Bruninga
      Authors & Scouts WHile experiencing CUB scout camp this week I had two thoughts. Notification of HAMS at camp , and using APRS as an email connection.
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 1, 2000
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        Authors & Scouts

        WHile experiencing CUB scout camp this week I had two thoughts.
        Notification of "HAMS at camp", and using APRS as an "email" connection.

        EMAIL: The camp is 60 to 100 miles away from the metro areas and very
        rural. There is no way for parents to call in, and kids must hike a ways
        to find the only pay phone for miles if they want to "touch base" with
        home. Snail mail works, but not for real-time coordination of pickup and
        changes in plans.

        I thought how neat it would be to just leave an old $5 lapttop and APRS in
        a HAM Radio Kiosk for kids to send "email home" if they needed a bit of
        touch with the outside world. THis gave rise to two requirments:

        1) CONTROL-OP: Statistically, there is always a HAM somewhere at camp,
        but there is no mechanism to know who they are and to let them know about
        the system. I think that ALL scout camps should include in ALL materials
        AND have a SIGN posted during check in that says "All HAM radio operators
        should "CHECK IN" at headquarters. Then on the wall at HQ or ADMIN or at
        the station, a PLACKARD SIGN always will have a list of operators at camp.

        2) EMAIL: Currently with APRS, the campers could send Email, (under the
        suprervision of the Control OP), but we need to think about the mechanism
        and the legalities of the return path.

        FIrst of all, for HAM parents, the sending of a message to back to camp
        using APRS is already fully functional. But how do we do 3rd party
        traffic for other parents? and also have them understand that "HAM Radio"
        is the working mechanism? Is there a way for the outgoing EMAIL using
        something like WU2Z's "Emailer" to include a RETURN Email path to a
        responsible APRS HAM in the area to then forward the return Email by APRS
        back to camp? Actually, APRS may not even be the best or more appropriate
        mechanism. But PACKET radio sure is...

        Again, the terminal at camp, MUST be trivial and run on a cheap-leave-it-
        at-camp-all-summer (lap-top). (any modern machine will have "game"
        capability and so will be commandeered away from its mission). I'm happy
        to tailor a version of APRSdos to do this. Or even a BBS style user
        interface...... I do think that multiline capability must be considered.

        But what we need is the HAM RADIO TO EMAIL LINK figured out that runs on
        the BASE station computer linked to the interenet back home by someione
        within RF range to do the link. THe goal is to satisfy the legal
        requirements for the operators to handle the 3rd party traffic, and to
        make it as user friendly as possible. In BOTH ends, automatic "content
        checking" filters should be included to make the SYSOPS jobs easier for
        content approval.

        ANyway, just a thought. ANyone want to work on the Internet Email link?
        Ill happily write the CAMP end packet software for the $5 laptop (solar
        powered) station...

        AND this application is not just limited to SCOUT camps, but is just a
        anotehr way for us to show the public the "reach" of HAM radio in
        the wilderness..

        de WB4APR, Bob

        DETAILS? My thougts are that APRS protocols be used so we can take
        advantage of the existing infrastructure anywhere.

        The TO ADDRESS would be TO APRSLINK. The FIRST Line must contain an Email
        address. THen all additional lines (up to 5 or 6) are forwarded as Email
        until receipt of a pre-formatted line indicating END OF MESSAGE. The
        EMAIL engine includes a LEADING paragraph informing the rece[ient that
        this was all done via HAM radio etc... and its limitations and the general
        rules of the service"..

        THen the REPLY address would bring back any EMAIL back to the APRSLINK
        engine that would then forward it back to camp. AFTER some form of 3rd
        party "approval" process by a "control op" somewhere...

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