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N1S/WB1BSA Official Report

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  • Rob Hoitt
    *Official 2006 JOTA Report Council:* Daniel Webster Council #330 *Unit#:* n/a *State:* NH *Reporting Email:* n1fsk@arrl.net *Call Used:* N1S/WB1BSA *Stations
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 23, 2006
      Official 2006 JOTA Report

      Daniel Webster Council #330
      Unit#: n/a
      State: NH

      Reporting Email: n1fsk@...

      Call Used: N1S/WB1BSA

      Stations Worked:
      S51CK Mt Kum, Slovenia
      W4MUR Mt. Pleasant, SC
      OK1GW The Prague, Czech Republic
      N9LTV Carterville, IL
      N3NH New Castle, PA
      W6SFG Lynchburg, VA
      K3YH Baltimore, MD
      AB0XE Cottage Green, MN
      WR4B Orlando, FL
      W4GJ Gainesville, FL
      FS5PL St. Martin Guadalupe, France
      OH2JAM Scout Union of Finland
      AE4VA Byron, GA
      KI7K Rochester, MN
      DF7ZS Frankfort, Germany
      VE3YTR Trenton, Ontario, Canada
      K2MS Downington, PA
      W8STA Pickerington, OH
      AJ4DY USS Clamgore, SC
      F8HHF Cosne, France
      W6BAR Bakersfield, CA
      WB5BSA Guthrie, OK
      OX3WS Nuuk, Greenland
      N6SFD Santa Monica, CA
      N6DT Evergreen, CO
      N9S Merrill, WI
      DH7YAX Dusseldorf, Germany
      G6PZ Sommerset, UK
      KA9IYC/4 Not identified
      WW9AE Plainfield, IL
      K9BAR Bowlingbrook, IL
      WS4S Cookville, TN
      K4TXJ Louisville, KY
      WA9SPT Marion, IN
      PA7JWC/J St. Martingus, Netherlands
      W5SSV Nederland, TX
      W8ZHO Muskegon, MI
      EA6UN Baleric Islands, Spain
      EC7CUH Sevilla, Spain
      W8PIF Stephenson, MI

      Number of Active Stations: 2
      Number of Radio Amateurs: 6
      Number of Visitors: 303
      Total Participation: 309

      The 2006 Daniel Webster Council Jamboree On The Air was by far the most successful JOTA ever offered in the Daniel Webster Council. As in previous years the Daniel Webster Council JOTA station was sponsored by the New Hampshire Section of the American Radio Relay League and New Hampshire Scouting Service Club in partnership with the Lawrence L. Lee Scouting Museum. Again this year we operated at Camp Carpenter in Manchester, NH (where the Lee Scouting Museum is located) under the special event callsign N1S/WB1BSA.

      The morning began on a somber note as the attendants held a half-staff flag ceremony and observed a moment of silence in honor of Ofc. Michael Briggs, a Manchester, NH police officer who was killed in the line of duty earlier in the week. Ofc. Briggs was involved with the Exploring Program at the Manchester Police Department.
      The theme for this year's JOTA station was 'Codes and Ciphers' and each of the stations set up offered the particpants and opportunity to see other ways  Amateur Radio Operators communicate besides using their voice. One station offered RTTY (Radio Teletype) and the other SSTV (Slow Scan Television.)  Both stations also offered morse code. In addition a campwide game was set up that challenged participants to decript 'secret' messages that were scattered amongst the camp's program areas and were encoded in Morse Code, Semaphore, Freemason (Pigpen) Cipher, and International Nautical Signal Flags. (The 'secret' message was "Considerate, Loyal, Progressive, Friendly, Balanced, Patriotic" which is the Amateur's Code.)
      Radio and Emergency Preparedness Merit Badges were offered. Our Radio Merit Badge class set a participation record of 30 with 12 Scouts earning the Radio Merit Badge. Those who did not complete the badge were given a solid base in which they could complete the badge with a local counselor after JOTA.
      In the end 303 Scouts, Leaders and Parents visited the Lee Scouting Museum and got to take part in JOTA which is a net gain of over 120 particpants over last year. This marks a substantial increase as well as a participation record for JOTA. In addition several units made JOTA a part of their camping prorgram and stayed at Camp Carpenter which is also a first for our program. It is very flattering to see that several units have enjoyed what we've done with JOTA in years past that they wanted to include us in their camping plans.
      Finally, I want to take a moment to thank a few folks without whom JOTA 2006 would never be possible:
      Mike Murphy, W2UD, Troop 292 Hooksett, NH
      Barry Whittemore, WB1EDI, Troop 135 Manchester, NH
      Mary Whittemore, NE1F, Troop 135 Manchester, NH
      Paul Anzalone, N1OB, Merrimack, NH
      Tim Courtemache, Troop 118 Manchester, NH
      Beth Hoitt, Pack 118 Manchester, NH
      Dave Long, ND4SU, Troop 173 Hanscom AFB, MA
      and Camp Ranger Steve Hambleton for all the support he's provided to us for these
      many years.

      List of Countries Worked:
      Czech Republic
      The Netherlands
      United Kingdom
      United States
      Submitted By: Rob Hoitt, N1FSK, Asst. Section Manager, Scouting - ARRL NH Section
    • Gary Wilson
      Very nice operation! If you have a document describing your operations plan for such an event, please addd to the files area here in Scout Radio so it can be
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 23, 2006
        Very nice operation!

        If you have a document describing your operations plan for such an
        event, please addd to the files area here in Scout Radio so it can be
        emulated in other parts of the country.


        Gary, K2GW
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