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    Actually Dale, the impression I ve got is that this is the training portion of their Boy Scout Roundtable. So, they may want 30 - 45 mins of information on
    Message 1 of 8 , Sep 22, 2006
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      Actually Dale, the impression I've got is that this is the training portion of their Boy Scout
      Roundtable. So, they may want 30 - 45 mins of information on various topics in
      amateur radio and how it relates to Scouting. So, some appropriate topics might be
      Radio merit badge, how amateur radio is useful on a hike, the career paths available to
      boys through ham radio, how to get licensed, why ham radio is better than FRS in many
      situations, etc.
      I'm sure you and the rest of us can add more topics. Dave's job will be to pare this down to his audience.

      YiS and 73,

      Bill Stewart, W2BSA

      Dale Lamm wrote:


      Rather than re-invent the wheel, some simply hand out the ARRL "Hello"
      brochure to people who need a good introduction to amateur radio. Allen
      Pitts at ARRL has sent me many of these in the past. www.hello-radio. org
      will give you an idea of what's on the well produced hardcopy.

      The ARRL brochure educates the audience about amateur radio quite well. Next
      comes the discussion of how Scouting and amateur radio can complement each
      other, which is the meat of the presentation, IMO.

      30-45 minutes might be a long time to listen to one speaker, I would
      politely suggest. Do you think the audience would be interested in hearing
      some actual QSO's on a 2m HT? Or (if there is one available) ask a licensed
      Scout to come along and tell what amateur radio has done for him.

      73 & YIS,

      >I have been asked, and happily accepted, and invitation to give a 30-
      > 45 minute briefing at one of our District Roundtables on Amateur Radio
      > and how it relates to Scouting. I am currently working on a powerpoint
      > presentation for this and just wanted to throw a general question to
      > the group for ideas to put in my presentation. These are scouters that
      > have little to no idea what ham radio is all about. I've got a couple
      > of weeks to get this together and any input here would certainly be
      > appreciated. I thought if I get input from this group, there are many
      > different ideas and this would help me to be sure I covered some of
      > the important aspects.

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