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(Fwd) Jamboree Staff Training Memo #1

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    Here is what we have planned here in Maine for JOTA - JOTI . ... From: Self To: @JOTI-STAFF.PML Subject:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2006
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      Here is what we have planned
      here in Maine for JOTA - JOTI .

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      Subject: Jamboree Staff Training Memo #1
      Date sent: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 13:48:45 -0400

      Hi Everybody,

      1. You are getting this email because you have expressed
      interest in helping me staff the Jamboree on the Internet
      and Jamboree on the Air event. THANKS!

      This the first "On-Line Staff Training" memo.

      Just so you know, we have a high quality, high power
      staff lined up.
      I'm very happy about that. If you have friends or know
      of others who would like to help out, we'll definately
      welcome them. Have them get in touch with me.

      2. Key links to know about.

      Internet Staffers:

      (JOTI Rules, Registration, Tech Support, Information,
      Participation Meter, etc.)

      (Internet Relay Chat software you can download
      at home for free and learn about IRC. This International
      Scouting "chat" area will be the primary attraction.)

      Ray will develop a handout for participants to take
      home, and continue with the JOTI fun on their own.

      Ham Radio Staffers:


      3. Time and Space Dimensions for our event.

      Pine Tree Council Service Center
      131 Johnson Rd., Portland
      43.38' N 70.19'W
      Off the end of PWM's Runway 11
      in case you are coming by private jet. <wink>

      Saturday October 21, 2006
      9:00am - 4:00pm
      (Staff should come at 8:30 am)

      The event is indoors. Rain or Shine.

      This is a World Scouting Organization
      event that ALWAYS happens the 3rd full
      weekend in October.

      If it is really slow at the end of the day, like 3:00pm
      we will start to wrap up early. This is the first time
      we are doing this, so we'll see how it goes.

      4. Physical Layout

      4.a) JOTI For the Internet component, we will
      have a number (6-10) of computers set up
      on tables in a rectangle formation in the
      large conference room. JT's laptop
      will be one of them, and will be hooked
      up to a projector. In the center of the
      rectangle will be a switch and maybe
      a wireless router. Each PC will be
      given a static IP address to work on
      the PTC network. Which is connected
      to the Internet via broadband connection.
      Each PC will have MS Internet Explorer,
      antivirus, and mIRC chat software on it.

      I also plan to have my machine from home
      on it with EchoLink (echolink.org) software
      on it. This technology mixes VoIP (voice over
      IP) and Ham Radio together to talk around
      the world mixing the two technologies.

      4.b) The Radio Components will be set
      up on tables in the main foyer / lobby.
      We'll have the big PAWA antenna tower outside
      and shortwave (HF) transmitter set up inside
      on a table in the lobby. Plus, Lee Trask-W1LWT
      will have a 2nd Ham Radio table to show some
      digital Ham Radio modes like APRS (GPS
      Mapping and location transmitting). He
      also plans on showing Amateur TV and
      JPG Image Transmittion over the radio
      (aka Slow Scan TV).

      5. Promotional Activities.
      JT and Ray are going to coordinate Press Releases
      in the news papers, Radio and TV stations around
      Pine Tree Council.

      Ray has already spoken about the event at the
      Scout, Cub, and OA, Roundtables for Casco Bay
      and Abenaki Districts. He plans to speak at DownEast
      district at Wiscasset Middle School
      on the 2nd Wed of October, and hit the CB folks
      again on the 1st Wed of Oct.

      District Execs for each district will also be using
      the power of their email distribution list to help
      us promote.

      6. Scout Shop is normally open from 9:00am to 2:00pm.
      They are tentatively planning to stay open until 4:00pm.
      National BSA has a nice patch which we'll have on sale
      for $4.50 This year they COMBINED the JOTA and JOTI
      events on to the same patch. I suggest Staff buy
      theirs early. I think they'll sell out. (Sorry this is a
      FREE event, so I don't have budget to buy you patches.)
      However, I do plan on a very nice framed certificate,
      as I have done in past years for my help on this.

      7. Program Logistics
      Individuals, Families, Dens, Patrols, and whole units
      are invited to come at any time during the day.
      Groups of 20 or more have been asked to email me to
      set up a time. This way we might avoid having
      two or more big groups to handle at the same time.

      I predict that there will be some slow periods during
      the day when each of us can learn about the other
      technologies on display, and try them out for ourselves.

      I also predict that there will be some very busy
      periods during the course of the day, when we'll
      all be busy working scouts through our program areas.

      In the main conference room, where the computers
      will be set up. The primary attraction will be "Chat".
      During busy periods, keep people in the chat areas so
      they and the onlookers get to see the thrill of chatting
      with scouts around the country and around the world.

      Some people will want to go out and browse
      their favorite web sites etc. During slow
      times this is OK. But when we have participants
      waiting to get on, we'll want to keep the
      computers productively oriented to the Scout.Net
      Chat Rooms.

      If you read and try at home, the directions in the
      link above http://www.joti.org/en/index.html
      you will be able to see what all this about.
      I believe there will be a lot of scouts and
      staffers like yourselves who will be in these
      chat rooms for the weeks leading up to the
      big weekend event.
      Hollar if you have any trouble.

      I will be setting up computers and configuring them
      on Friday October 20. If any of you wish to come and
      help with that, you'd be welcome!

      You can expect folks will need tech
      support to learn how to select which country's chat
      room they want to enter and join. If you've never
      done this, don't worry about it. You'll learn.
      Try it at home if you wish.

      The staff's job in the Internet area is
      a) Keep the chat and activities appropriate
      to our Scouting ideals. That means actively
      monitor the various computers and participants.
      Kids will be kids. We all know that.
      b) Provide tech support as needed.
      c) Be enthusiastic and enhance the experience
      for all our visitors!!!

      8. What Staff should bring:

      I would highly recommend you bring your
      lunch. There is a decent chance the
      the middle of the day is when we get hit
      with the most people. If we are all leaving
      the event to take lunch, even in shifts, we might be
      under staffed. So, please bring lunch,
      drinks, with you.

      Those of us who are Scouts or Scouters,
      we should be in Class A uniforms for this.

      If you can or want to bring your computers,
      laptops, you may, so long as it is OK for
      participants to be using it.
      Just let me know ahead of time.

      9. Staff Roster (so far):

      Ray Sirois, Organizer
      JT Dabbs, Pine Tree Council Scout Executive
      *Kevin Wiacek, Lead JOTI Tech
      Matt Allaire
      Paul Conley
      Paul Saucier
      *Lee Trask W1LWT
      *Sam Beedy (not confirmed yet)
      *Jesse Logan Cottingham KB1GWT (not confirmed yet)

      * These individuals are "returning staff" in that
      they have staffed a JOTI/JOTA event
      with me in the past.

      These events are a lot of fun for the participants AND
      the staff, but it takes work and preparation. Thanks
      for taking the time to study and read this Training
      Memo # 1.
      Thanks in advance for your offers to work this
      event with us!!!

      Again, if your parents, friends or other would
      like to come and help us out. Please let me know.

      Any questions? Let me know!

      Ray Sirois N1RY
      2006 PTC JOTI/JOTA Organizer
      Unit Commissioner

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