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Re: [ScoutRadio] Ideas for JOTA 2006

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  • PA5UL
    An activity that draws a lot of interest from Rover and Venture Scouts in our district is our JOTA Evening Game. Participants form groups consisting of a
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 20, 2006
      An activity that draws a lot of interest from Rover and Venture Scouts in our district is our JOTA Evening Game. Participants form groups consisting of a driver, a Ham operator and as many young people as will fit in the car or mini-van they have. Over the past years we averaged between 15 and 20 groups of 4 to 10 participants each, from a dozen or so of the Scouting Groups in the area.
      At 7:30 PM the groups gather at a central meeting point (usually a large car park) to register and get the questionares and coded answer sheets and a group mascotte. From 8 to 11 PM they can try and answer as many questions as they can. For most of them they need to drive around the area, for bonus points they need to make digital pictures of some locations, with their group mascotte in it to stimulate fair play. All the answers they find have to be compared to answers on the coded answer sheet. This is divided in rows and collumns, all differently coded for each group of course. Once they have five answers they radio in to the central post, give their group number and mobile callsign, the question numbers and the associated row and collumn codes. If more than a dozen groups participate it is best to use two different frequencies, 2m and 70cm are used here. A dedicated local repeater on a high QTH works best. The central station then needn't have very high antennas, which helps a lot setting up at a JOTA location!
      Questions can be on Scouting, Amateur Radio, local sights, common knowledge, things to look up on the internet, etc. All groups can have contact with their own QTH where helpers van Internet access. This contact can be through amateur radio (but not on the 'central' frequency of course), CB radio, mobile phone or anything else thay can think of. It also helps to have plenty of road maps, telephone books, city guides, flashlights, binoculars etc on board. Extra points can be scored if the group dresses up in theme costumes. Over the years we've seen barbies, cowboys, haloween monsters and many others. Also the car can be pimped.
      At the central post all answers are fed into the computer as soon as they have ben received. After 11 all groups gather at the organising group's QTH where a nice party, usually with live music, shortens the wait for the results. As soon as all groups are present and the jury have reached their verdict, the results are presented. The winner gets to organise this game the next year. As you might have read in the Ocarg Eagle we won this game last year so this year we have the honour and we'll well into the planning stages. Perhaps this is an idea four your district too?
      73 es YIS de Paul PA5UL
      Radio Interested Scout RIS#410
      "Chikai" Cub Scout Master, Sionee Pack, Scouting Ashanti, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
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