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RE: [ScoutRadio] Re: No Scouts on the radio?

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  • J. Gordon Beattie, Jr., W2TTT
    Hi All! I just got back from Camp Turrell in Cuddebackville, NY and while running a Radio Merit Badge class, we contacted Scouts and non-Scouts on 20m, 40m and
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      Hi All!
      I just got back from Camp Turrell in Cuddebackville, NY and while running a
      Radio Merit Badge class, we contacted Scouts and non-Scouts on 20m, 40m and
      Our SPL, Kunal, KC2PWB had his first contact with another Scout, K3KEF as a
      demo to the Merit Badge class. The boys and their leaders were impressed
      and I also gave each a pack of training materials (ppt & doc files and also
      the download of Ham University, HA and MA.) They were really excited and
      we'll probably get a couple of new hams out of the group in the next couple
      of years.

      Three of my Troop's Scouts journeyed over to the Forestburg Scout
      Reservation on Thursday night to try to pass the Technician Class exam,
      which they didn't! HOWEVER, most Scouts in our Troop who have taken their
      first exam there have subsequently passed the exam and are licensed! They
      include KC2NZC, KC2OAA and KC2PWB.

      As usual, Nathaniel, W2NAF and the VE team from the Tri-State Amateur Radio
      Association were gracious and helpful hosts. Remember, usually Scouts are
      REALLY TIRED by Thursday and many haven't studied in a week or more, so
      immediate passing is not the goal here. The real goal is to get the "first
      time jitters" behind the Scout, and also to go through the process of
      filling out all the paperwork.
      In fact, it seems to me that this is the first time a detailed application
      has been filled out by any of the boys, so it is similar to a job
      application process, complete with SSN! In any case, it is a highly
      instructive activity for Scouts - whether they pass or not.
      All in all, we had a great time and enjoyed the evening and I'm sure that
      all three Scouts will ultimately be licensed - especially since two of them
      had older brothers who are licensed... hi hi! (FYI: old brothers include
      KC2NZC and KC2OAA)

      Back home we have an on-going Ham Radio Class this summer which will help
      both them and a few others who did not go to camp, get their licenses.

      Vy 73,
      Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

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      My compliments to Dale. I spent a week at Seven Ranges in July and had the
      chance to
      meet Dale. His advice is very good and his presentation was first class -
      with plenty of
      "information" available for visitors and Scouts. His antenna set-up was
      impressive and it
      looked as if he really could work the world. A fine display of Ham Radio and
      a very
      personable operator.

      I had my rig in camp but I found my internal batteries were pretty much
      depleated by the
      end of the day - high temps and humidity just did me in every night. Seven
      Ranges is a
      beautiful camp, but a couple of Ranges too many for this OM.

      Having calling frequencies and listening times is a great idea, although it
      may take a year
      or so for the word to spread. I'll have my rig again next summer and will
      listen for other
      Scout Camps throughout the year.

      Good job, Dale.

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