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  • Alan Stumpf
    I got this E-mail from ARRL and though I might pass it on. Alan Stumpf, KB3DHC KB3DHC@arrl.net http://pages.prodigy.net/aws69/ Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 377
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2000
      I got this E-mail from ARRL and though I might pass it on.

      Alan Stumpf, KB3DHC
      Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 377
      Greater Pittsburgh Council
      Enda Lechauhanne 57 | >>======> |
      3rd Assistant Scoutmaster 2001 Jamboree Troop RED (No number yet)
      North Hills Amateur Radio Club
      JOTA Committee Chair


      This announcement may be of interest to your Boy Scout troop and ham radio
      activity. However, please continue to obey the "Third Party Traffic
      agreement." http://www.arrl.org/field/regulations/io/3rdparty.html

      Jean Wolfgang, WB3IOS
      Educational Programs Coordinator
      ARRL Field & Educational Services
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      From: John crowder [mailto:john_d_crowder@...]
      Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2000 8:08 PM
      To: scout@... <mailto:scout@...>
      Subject: Scout Radio Stations in UK

      Has part of the Millennium Celebrations it is the intention the UK Scout
      Association that as many of the membership as possible will be in camp over
      the weekend of May 26 - 29. The Central Nottinghamshire District, along
      with many others, are planning a camp where over 600 young people will be at
      Sherbrooke, our District Camp site in the Sherwood Forest area, as part of
      these celebrations.
      Among the many activities planned will be a Special Event Station where,
      using the call sign GB2KSC, we hope to be able to introduce many of the
      young visitors to Amateur Radio. We will be QRV from about 08:00 GMT on
      Saturday, May 27 through to about 11:00 GMT on Monday, May 29. We expect to
      have 2 stations operating for most of this time variously using the 80, 40,
      20, 17, 15 and 10 Metre bands. In addition to our station it can be expected
      that many of the Millennium camps will also be running radio stations. The f
      ollowing is a list of some
      of the Scouts stations expected to be on air:
      GB2PWS - Parkwood Scouts
      GB0DMC - Deal Millennium Camp
      GB2KKS - Kingsbury and Kenton Scouts Chalfont)
      GB4CWS - Colchester West District Scouts
      GB0BP - Baden Powell, Newbridge Gwent
      GB0CMC - Cumbria Millenium Camp, Windermere
      GB8GS - Glandford Scouts, Brigg, Lincs
      GB4RFS - Rockingham Forest Scouts, Caldecott, Rutland
      GB2WDS - Wrexham District Scouts
      GB2SMC - Scout Millenium Camp, nr Warminster Wilts
      GB2MMC - MArgam Millennium Camp, Port Talbot
      GB0WS - Wrekin Scouts, Newport, Shrops
      GB0CAS - County Armagh Scouts, Market Hill Co, Armagh
      GB0BMC - Bournemouth Millennium Camp
      GB0BCR - Bucks County Rally, Wendover BUcks
      (presumably Scouts)
      GB0MMW - Bradwell Millenium Weekend, Great Yarmouth
      GB4FMS - Ipswich, Suffolk
      Further details can be found on www.radio-scouting.org.uk
      <http://www.radio-scouting.org.uk> , the UK Radio Scouting web site.
      GB2KSC, and I guess any other stations, would welcome contacts with Scouts
      from around the world and would appreciate any help you can give in
      publicising our activity.

      Yours in Scouting,

      John Crowder (G0GDU)
      Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)
      Central Notts District
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