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RE: [ScoutRadio] New member

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  • Frank Krizan
    Hi Rudy, Welcome to the ScoutRadio discussion group. I ll have to leave it to other ASMs who ve been appointed as Scouting and Youth ASMs to address what you
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      Hi Rudy,


      Welcome to the ScoutRadio discussion group. 


      I’ll have to leave it to other ASMs who’ve been appointed as “Scouting and Youth” ASMs to address what you need to do.  I’ve been curious since I first heard about such appointments as to the job description.  Maybe you can tell us about it, or, maybe other ASMs with the same title listening in can contribute the job description.  Without one, “How do you know what to do?”, but, on the other hand “You can’t do anything wrong!”


      If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to subscribe to the OCARG EAGLE – see http://homepage.mac.com/k2frd/ocarg.htm  This has become the de facto publication for RadioScouting in the USA .  Fred Stevens, K2FRD, has done a tremendous job as editor of this newsletter.  You’ll find that news about scouting groups and activities are more readily published here than anywhere else.


      The K2BSA Amateur Radio Association is being reorganized in order to facilitate RadioScouting and should be in a position to announce full plans later this year.


      You might also want to contact Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT, Chairman of the ARRL Ad Hoc Committee on Scouting.  He’s Vice-Director of the ARRL Rocky Mountain Division.  Perhaps the Committee can give you details on the ARRL position on RadioScouting.  If you get some details, share them with the ScoutRadio group.


      73, Frank


      Frank Krizan, KR1ZAN

      President, K2BSA Amateur Radio Association

      Garland, TX



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      Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 6:22 AM
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      Subject: [ScoutRadio] New member


      Good morning Scoutradio,
      I am new to this group so I thought I let you know a little about me.
      I have been involved in scouting for 57 years having earned my Eagle
      Scout in 1954, I earned the Explorer Silver Award a year later. I am a
      vigil member of the Blue Heron Lodge and the council awarded me the
      Silver Beaver in 1980. I had my first taste of amateur radio while
      serving with the Marine Corp in the far east. But I didn't get my
      license until 1980 when my son decieded he wanted his license, unable
      to drive he was only 13. I went too and earned my ticket too. Well so
      much for my bull let's get down to the real reason I came looking for
      a site about scouting and amateur radio. I have been appointed as the
      ARRL Scouting and Youth Asst. Section Manager for the state of
      Virginia and I am going to need a lot of help and information on how
      to get started. This site looks like it is a great place to start. I
      have read some of the posts and already found some great ideas. Anyone
      in Virgina who is involved please send me information about what you
      are doing and picture and I will send them to our section manager and
      let ARRl know what is going on in Virginia with scouting and amateur

      Rudy Stuteville KA4PLH
      rueonamo1@cox. net

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