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  • Jon Robert Pellant
    Barry, It is nice to meet you. My name is Jon Pellant (AB1FF). I read your introduction on the yahoo group and thought that I would reply. I am a relatively
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2006
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      It is nice to meet you. My name is Jon Pellant (AB1FF). I read your
      introduction on the yahoo group and thought that I would reply.

      I am a relatively new ham (2004) and I am also fairly new to the yahoo
      group. I wanted to introduce myself had Chris (KB1CPH) as we are
      involved with scouting and radio in the Boston Minuteman Council and
      camp Storer (Waltham, MA Troop 250). Chris is building a repeater for
      this camp currently and then we were going to build a radio shack at
      T.L. Storer. It is ironic as I brought my FT-857D on a canoe trip down
      (up) the Allagash (ME) last summer.

      I do not do much HF work as I don't really have a permanent shack;
      however, I do try HF operations on scout trips. My CW is/was only good
      enough to pass the 5WPM test and I have yet to make a real CW QSO. I
      just haven't had the time to increase my proficiency with the code. I
      have been bugging Chris to get his code test done so he can get on HF!

      Chris an I have been wanting to start some JOTA work in the BMC. We are
      going to have a Fall Jamboree
      at Storer. We are planning on having amateur radio activities there.
      Please see the link above and spread the word to your units as it should
      be a high-adventure jambo and would welcome your units.

      If you are going to be operating regular scheduled operations, please
      post it on the yahoo group and we'll try and contact you. Also, we
      should collaborate on a Carpenter/Storer contact schedule when we are up
      and running there.

      Again, it was nice to meet you.



      Message: 1
      Date: Tue May 30, 2006 9:31 am (PDT)
      From: "barry whittemore" wb1edi@...
      Subject: intro DE WB1EDI

      i just joined the group and thought that i would introduce myself. My
      is Barry Whittemore and i have held the Amateur call of WB1EDI since may
      1977. i have been active in Boy Scouting since my oldest son (24) joined
      Tiger Cubs and have been Webelos leader, Scout committee member and Ast.
      Scoutmaster with Pack 110 and then Troop 135 in Manchester, NH. Both of
      sons are now Eagle Scouts and one is now an Electrical Engineer. I have
      a few JOTA operations for our troop and local packs before abd will
      definitely be doing another this fall. The big difference is that now
      Troop has the Call of KB1NH to use. This belongs to the newly formed BSA
      Troop 135 ARC. I hold an Amateur Extra licence since 1994 and my wife
      also holds an Amateur Extra licence.
      I have DXCC WAS WAC awards WAS and WAC are for each of CW, SSB and RTTY
      modes. I operate in several contests and i am a member of the Yankee
      Contest Club. I also do a fair amount of CW ragchewing and i am a member
      the Straight Key Century Club. I hope to be operating the station of
      from Camp Carpenter in a few weeks for the inaugural event to introduce
      boys to "Ham Radio". I will also be bringing my QRP (FT-817) radio on
      Troop Canoe trip on the St. Croix river trip this August. i will be on
      about the scout frequencies mostly on 40, 20 and 17 meters. If you hear
      please give us a call.
      WB1EDI/ KB1NH (Trustee)

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