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Ham-Scouters and Katrina, Rita Info For OCARG EAGLE Articles

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  • Fred Stevens K2FRD
    Hi all-- The January - February 2006 Scouting magazine s article on Scouts and Scouters in action for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita relief inspired me to gather
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2006
      Hi all--

      The January - February 2006 Scouting magazine's article on Scouts and
      Scouters in action for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita relief inspired me
      to gather some information along the same lines for the OCARG EAGLE
      except narrowing the focus down to relief and other efforts provided
      by ham radio Scouts and Scouters, including entire units such as
      Emergency Service Explorers who utilize amateur radio. I do not know
      if I will receive enough information for the January edition of the
      EAGLE, due out on the 15th; I'll have to wait and see and, if the
      timing is right, might hold up the January edition for a couple days
      if the information warrants.

      I envision at least one, possibly two issues with major articles on
      this subject, depending upon the quantity and quality of material
      received. While I would prefer first-hand information from
      participants, secondary (anecdotal or hearsay) information is also
      acceptable. I do not yet know how I will treat the messages sent,
      i.e., whether it will warrant separate articles, combined articles,
      or a mixture of the two. For example, I could tell of my own
      experiences in Louisiana in a single article, but I don't want to
      talk about me. Rather, I would like to hear it from the many others
      who were down there at the time, were activated as volunteers and
      traveled down there, or who worked on relief efforts at the distant
      end, e.g., handled Health & Welfare Traffic, worked as a Net Control
      or other NTS station as a relay for H&W, backed up or served with
      emergency managers, arranged for ham materials to be sent to the
      affected areas, or a couple dozen other means of providing relief. No
      story is too big nor too small and everyone has one. Any photos in
      just about any standard format (jpeg, gif, TIFF, BMP, etc.) are
      welcome; we can compress or convert them at this end.

      As always, the EAGLE provides for attributions for its sources
      (unless the provider prefers to remain anonymous) or bylines for full
      articles, reserving only the right to edit for format and spelling
      (and some grammar if necessary); for this article or series of
      articles, we may have to edit for content.

      For those not familiar with the OCARG EAGLE (many in the ScoutRadio
      Group already receive the EAGLE), the EAGLE is a monthly email
      newsletter for ham-Scouters and Scouts which relates information
      regarding ham radio in Scouting and Scouting in ham radio. The EAGLE
      is in its sixth year of publication, has subscribers in some 23
      States and Provinces, and seven countries . To everyones' knowledge,
      it is the only publication of its type in the world. For further
      information, please go to the second URL in my signature below. Dual
      subscribers will receive two copies of this message.

      Yours In Scouting and 73 de Fred K2FRD, VO2FS
      Free Subscription To OCARG EAGLE, a monthly newsletter for ham radio Scouters
      http://homepage.mac.com/k2frd/ocarg.htm for info.
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