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Re: [ScoutRadio] Re: ARRL creates Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Scouting & Amateur Radio

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  • Allan R. Batteiger
    Gary Something to think about, for the last couple of years at Ham-Com we have had a focus on Scouting and youth. Scouts (BSA, GSUSA, Venture etc) in Uniform
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 12, 2005
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      Something to think about, for the last couple of years at Ham-Com we
      have had a focus on Scouting and youth. Scouts (BSA, GSUSA, Venture
      etc) in Uniform and their leaders get in free, we have a Radio merit
      badge session (this year I think about 70 scouts got their Radio MB in a
      1/2 day class and after class on air time). This year we also had free
      VE testing for Scouts, if they showed proof of passing an online test
      exam. Lunch was provided, and several stations were setup for on the
      air contacts, these stations were also part of the Hamcom exhibits. It
      would be nice to see this duplicated at Dayton and other Hamfest
      around. We are already discussing the possibility of adding to the
      program for next year to include a No Code Tech class in addition to the
      Radio MB class. If you look at the the requirements once you have
      finished the Radio MB amateur option, you have already covered a lot of
      the material required for the NCT. I do not know how far the ARRL
      ad-hoc committee has looked in this issue, but I think some of us are
      way ahead in the thinking when it comes to Scouts and Amateur Radio. I
      think a session at Dayton, Hamcom and other hamfest to spread the ideas,
      and materials around would be a great starting point.

      Allan Batteiger - WB5QNG

      Gary Wilson wrote:

      >--- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Krizan"
      >>This is probably the time to let everyone know that the K2BSA
      >Amateur Radio Association (KARA), which is a 501(c) organization
      >formed several years ago to protect the K2BSA call sign and promote
      >radio scouting is being revitalized by a bunch of us in the DFW
      >>Your suggestions for Field appointments through the League are
      >good; however, that's another level of organization that the SMs and
      >the League may not want to tackle.
      >I already see an interest in increasing youth involvement with some
      >sections having ASM's for youth activities, so the time might be
      >right in the league.
      >>We may want to use the KARA as a focal point for such organization
      >and develop a close relationship with the ARRL, National BSA, GSUSA
      >and others. Since KARA is a 501(c), this may provide an opportunity
      >to gather donations which can be allocated to scout groups throughout
      >the US as grants (either equipment or dollars).
      >That's an interesting idea, but it would have to be VERY tightly
      >linked with ARRL to avoid "balkanizing" an already tiny subgroup
      >(Scouters) within a small hobby (Amateur Radio). The goal is to
      >increase the number of hams thinking about reaching out to Scouts,
      >not creating a small sub-group of the already converted.
      >>I think the Ham scouters in the US should do something similar.
      >Maybe we could organize something similar to the AMSAT or Digital
      >Conferences that migrate to different geographical parts of the
      >nation ... or just have a meeting every year at Dayton ... or a
      >meeting at National BSA in Irving, TX ... or at a different National
      >BSA High Adventure camp ... or just Dayton ... or at the ARRL HQ.
      >I attend Dayton every year and they do have a youth forum that
      >occasionally touches on Scouting. I supect if we had enough interest
      >we could have a seperate one hour forum on Radio Scouting. I
      >wouldn't mind organizing it. Topics to start could be 1. Running a
      >Radio Merit Badge Day; 2. promoting JOTA, 3. building a station at
      >your camp. Any volunteers for presenters? I can do the first one in
      >my sleep.
      >Gary, K2GW
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