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FW: [bsa_on_target] On Target (OT) 2005 Border to Border

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  • John Blackham, N7TEK
    Hello fellow HAMs and Scouters! I know many of you are ramped up for the National Jamboree right now and that s good but I wanted to let those in the western
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      Hello fellow HAMs and Scouters!
      I know many of you are ramped up for the National Jamboree right now and that's good but I wanted to let those in the western U.S. know about Operation On Target that occurs later this morning (Sat., 7/16).  Scouts & others will be signaling from mountain peak to mountain peak with mirrors and will be using 2m or cell phones to confirm flash contacts (see www.ontargetbsa.org for more details). 
      Every year we try to get others to participate by signaling peaks in their area (some are visible from metro areas or towns) where ever you may be down in the valley.  These are BONUS/surprise contacts that the teams didn't know that they were going to get and they create extra excitement.  If you have some time between 10 AM - 1 PM MDT today please look at the peak registry (see link below) and if there are teams in your area jump in.  The frequency info and links are listed below (sorry I'm not sure what repeaters they will be using in CA or AZ - the coordinators in those states didn't provide them to me). 
      Sorry for the late notice but most teams didn't register until Thursday or yesterday (we jumped from ~30 to 80 teams) and I didn't want to send out anything if we were below 50 teams.  Also Arizona holds their On Target on the 3rd Saturday in September (17th) and surrounding states will probably participate then as well so if you can't participate today put the September date on your calendar.  Arizona has their own website at http://ontarget.mesavarsity.org/ .  Arizona only has a few teams out today to see if we can chain up between AZ and UT &/or CA.
      The weather looks better this year than it has for the past several years so we may be able to break some flashing records.
      Gotta run!  I'm off to Bountiful Peak.
      Thank you & 73 de N7TEK!
       John Blackham, N7TEK
       HOME: 384 North 75 East, North Salt Lake, UT, USA 84054-2320
       PHONE: (H) 801-295-3036         E-MAIL: n7tek@...


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      Subject: RE: [bsa_on_target] On Target 2005 Border to Border

      Hello ALL,
      For those of you that don't have access to Excel or the OT Yahoo Group [ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bsa_on_target/files/Arizona%20files./ ]  here is Bob Church's file (Bob - if you send attachment to the OT Group they get stripped off - you have to upload them to the site) in HTML format:

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      July 16, 2005
        Latitude Longitude            
       LOCATION DegreeMinutesSecondsDegreeMinutesSecondsElevationTeamSponsorCouncil/ DistrictContactPhoneCell PhoneEmailHam Radio Call SignPhone
      Western Route:                  
       White Tanks - W of Phoenix                 
       Smith Peak - W of WickenburgN 343.0054.00W 11321.0012.005242  Grand Canyon/ MesaBob Church480-649-2044480-332-2204rhchurch@...Gary HintonAC7R480-833-7173
       Harquahala Mtn. W of WickenburgN 3349.00 W 113 21.00 5681  Grand Canyon/ FirebirdRick King 623-203-5551    
      29Hayden Peak (Hualapai Park)  - S of KingmanN 354.0053.00W 11354.0040.008390  Grand Canyon/ MesaGregory S. Woods480-962-4422480-229-0413greg.woods@...Robert KimbrellW7KU928-692-1401
      69Seegmiller Mtn. - West end AZ StripN 3646.00 W 11331.00 5941'          
      52Mount Trumbull -  Arizona StripN 3624.60 W 1138.31 8029644         
      78Seegmiller Mtn. - West end AZ StripN 3646.00 W 11331.005941515 Utah National ParksScott Gillespie435-674-5947435-467-0496dxsgille@...Dave OwensK7UNH435-229-5793
      11Black Rock Mountain - SE of Littlefield - AZ StripN 3646.00 W 11344.00 7067415 Utah National ParksJim McArthur435-673-9094435-632-4233jmcarthur@...   
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