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hi from ed connolly KG4OQR

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  • Edward connolly
    HI There my name is ed connolly i am 30 years old i am eagle scouts and i am a assits scout mastere from troop 205 from Tampa Florida Riverview andi like to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2005
      HI There my name is ed connolly  i am 30 years old i am eagle scouts and  i am a assits scout mastere from troop 205 from Tampa Florida Riverview andi like to know how i can join the scoutt on jamboreeon on air  on echolink  i just got it up in running  yasterday i like to talk to scout from all overe country  pleas e-mail me back soon in i like to get your post cardwith you call sing pleas 

      biker51ferg biker51ferg@... wrote:
      Hey gang:  Thanks for anyone who tried to get in contact with the
      Seneca Rocks Camporee in WV this last weekend.  A number of
      unfortuante radio incidents happened (al weather).  My station canopy
      blew off and I had to operate from the back of the car.  Then the main
      wire antenna literally collapsed breaking the center balun?  Was left
      with an MP-1 which did well for the situation.

      Am attending the Moose Merit Badge Camporee in Covington VA 5/20-22.
      A local ham is offering Radio Merit badge and will being trying for
      contacts probably on the scout frequencies ( as before).  I will
      hopefully be able to help if time allows.  Don't know the call to be
      used...Hopefully see you on the air.  Time would be Mid day and mid
      afternoon, or just mid afternoon depending how the badge is being
      run....thanks again...Steve...N4PKJ

      Check out the UK Radio-Scouting page here at Yahoo!Groups. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/radio-scouting-uk

      Now that you've got new licensees in your unit, why not have them subscibe to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ScoutRadioYouth

      Visit "Operation On Target BSA" Mountain Top Signaling:

      Great list of Scouting/Amateur Radio web sites:

      Visit the "Adventure Radio Society" http://www.natworld.com/ars/

      ScoutRadio start page:
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ScoutRadio (Email archives - member email addresses - change your subscription details, etc.)

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