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Shameless Plug For Scouting - Ham Radio Newsletter, OCARG EAGLE

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  • Fred Stevens K2FRD
    With the owner s permission, I d like to make a pitch for (free) subscriptions to the OCARG EAGLE, a monthly email newsletter for Scouting hams and hamming
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2005
      With the owner's permission, I'd like to make a pitch for (free)
      subscriptions to the OCARG EAGLE, a monthly email newsletter for
      Scouting hams and hamming Scouters. We are just finishing our fifth
      year of publication and now have well over a hundred subscribers in
      six nations and 20 states. While originally a newsletter for the
      Otschodela Council (Oneonta, NY) Amateur Radio Group (OCARG) KZ2BSA,
      the EAGLE's subscriber list expanded since, as far as we know, we are
      the only ham-Scouting newsletter published and ham-Scouters
      world-wide like to share their experiences and knowledge.

      The EAGLE is not unlike Scouting magazine in that it gives ideas and
      experiences for programs, but is tailored for amateur radio in
      Scouting. We publish most anything related to ham-Scouting including
      anecdotal information, news, tips, emergency preparedness, useful
      online links we've found, JOTA and Jamboree info, and a host of other
      subjects. While we often obtain material from the BSA National Office
      and the ARRL's Field and Education Services division, most of our
      articles come from voluntary reader contributions which make for
      informative reading.

      Subscriptions are free, there are no ads, no spam, no solicitations,
      no nothing except the newsletter in attached PDF format. The
      subscriber list is as carefully protected as a State Secret and all
      editions are sent out as Blind CCs to prevent a ready-made list for

      Archived copies are available at
      http://homepage.mac.com/k2frd/ocarg.htm although the archives go back
      only to January 2003.

      Subscriptions may be obtained by a simple email request to me at

      I hope we may add your address to the subscriber list. I believe you
      will find the EAGLE informative, educational, and entertaining.

      Yours in Scouting and 73 de Fred K2FRD/VO2FS
      OCARG EAGLE Publisher

      73 de Fred K2FRD, VO2FS
      Free Subscription To OCARG EAGLE, a newsletter for ham radio Scouters
      http://homepage.mac.com/k2frd/ocarg.htm for info.
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