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Re: "Save The Scouts!" Petition -- Please Read...

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  • kr1zan
    Check out the National BSA web site at http://www.scouting.org/ You ll notice in the News section a reference to Supporting Our Scouts Act . The BSA did
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 26, 2005
      Check out the National BSA web site at http://www.scouting.org/

      You'll notice in the "News" section a reference to "Supporting Our
      Scouts Act". The BSA did not give specific direction, but, the
      implication is to write your congressman.

      Jon, I'm glad you brought this to our attention.

      BTW, a "thread" in the last couple of months of QST, entitled "GOTA"
      suggested getting on the air every day and making at least one
      contact. Several good reasons given -- such as occupy the spectrum.

      I'd like to suggest GASOTAOAM "Get A Scout On The Air Once A Month".
      We often talk about Radio Scouting and lament how few young people
      get their licenses. We should all commit to demonstrating Ham Radio
      to scouts so they at least know what it is. Consider how much
      exposure youth get to computers before they ever get on the keyboard
      or use a mouse.

      Many years ago I was taught that if you make a hundred cold calls on
      non-qualified customers you get no more than 17 who are interested
      and close on only 1.7. If we qualify our customers, those that
      have a real interest, the closures can be as high as 25% -- and
      that's by allowing the customer "hands on" exposure.

      What are you waiting for? GASOTAOAM ! ... and write your congressman.

      73, Frank KR1ZAN
      Garland, TX

      --- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, "Jon Pearl - W4ABC"
      <jonpearl@t...> wrote:
      > "BSA hasn't asked for this "help" from a political group, who
      > eventually asks you for money to help them with other non-scouting
      > related political campaigns."
      > I've yet to see the BSA ask for help, other than the monthly check
      that I gladly write in support of my council. Whether you like it or
      not, "politics" and the money that runs politics - runs America and
      many a 'cause'. That being said; the petitioner simply asks for your
      endorsement. As to whether or not they'll "eventually" ask for
      money, I don't know. As it stands now, U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander
      (Eagle Scout) and Bill Frist are taking a pro-active stance by
      introducing legislation to thwart those whose agenda is to, daily,
      chip away at the BSA.

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