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  • Malcolm - G4CXT
    Greetings everybody! Some of you may have been aware of recent Internet security alerts regarding the Bulletin Board software called phpBB . This is a very
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2004
      Greetings everybody!

      Some of you may have been aware of recent Internet security alerts regarding the Bulletin Board software called "phpBB".  This is a very popular open-source software script, and not surprisingly the one which I selected to use with the Radio Scouting website.

      the phpBB team have improved the security of the software, and as a result I have upgraded the bulletin board on the website.  However, it has not been possible to do this in a way which is completely seamless to you, the users, and as a result there are a couple of actions you will need to take:


      Previously I had integrated the Radio Scouting registration processes, so that there was only the need for one log-in.  I have had to change this, and now it is necessary to register quite separately as a user on the new bulletin board.  You can use the same log-in name and password as the main site if you wish, but you will need to go to the "Register" button when you first log-on in order to create a user account -  without which you will not be able to post messages or replies.  Once you have done that, however, unless you access the internet via a shared computer I recommend ticking the "remember me" box which is part of the log-in sequence, and then you will be logged in automatically each time you visit.

      I have not been able to transfer the old registrations to the new site as the database structure has changed - hence everybody will need to re-register, including current users.  Apologies for this, but it really is out of my hands as it was imperative that we updated the software, and I'm not competent enough with encrypted databases to be able to be able to transfer the data safely!

      Existing Messages

      I took a simple view that most if not all of the existing messages were out of date - and hence have not transferred them.  However, if you want to re-instate an earlier message (from memory!) then please do so.  The same forum structure has been reproduced.

      Announce Yourself

      Finally - if you choose to - once registered please post a message in the forum called "I've arrived" so that we can all see whose who!  Some people had special rights to certain forums - I will try to reinstate these once I see individual registrations noted

      There were 48 members registered previously, and I hope that all of you and perhaps more will come back to register on the new forum, and then make use of them to open up all sorts of interesting discussions on all matters Radio & Scouting!  Although UK biased, we have no boundaries, so everybody is welcome to join in.

      The new discussion board can be found by following the link from the Radio Scouting UK front page, or directly by clicking here:



      Malcolm - G4CXT


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