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Re: [Scoutradio] Are the Radio, Electronics, Electricity, and Engineering MBs too much for a Spring Camporee?

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  • Al Katzman
    Just a note. At the National Jamboree we teach the Radio MB. It takes about 3 hours to complete the badge. This includes visiting K2BSA for one of the
    Message 1 of 11 , Dec 10, 2004
      Just a note.  At the National Jamboree we teach the Radio MB.  It takes about 3 hours to complete the badge.  This includes visiting K2BSA for one of the requirements.  The other badges take at least 1-2 hours to complete.  So I would offer the four acknowledging that a scout may only get two of the badges for the day.

      Johnnie Wimpee <jssa1978@...> wrote:

      Hi All Hams other Geeks


      What are your suggestions for a High Tech Camporee? 


      Are four merit badges two much to expect for a Camporee environment?  Should it be geared such that the scouts can only earn requirements for one MB during the camporee?


      The events I was planning are:

                  A Fox and Hound hunt competition using a radio receiver and antenna that the scouts have built before the camporee.  The Foxes would be short range to add some Orienteering to the Hunt.  Also the Foxes could be used for competition between patrols to see who could sneak up on the Fox by giving the Fox the choice to turn off the beacon for a period if they see the Hounds.


                  Identify schematic symbols obstacle course and puzzle like the Survivor games where they could collect the symbols along the course and put the puzzle together at the end.  The schematic used would be the radio they built. Also other tests could be accomplished by puzzles or a race where the scouts would be asked questions before moving to the next station with a 1 minuite wait at a station were they didn't know the answer.


                  Have a Camporee Radio Station setup for the Troops to have time slots to operate the station.  A simple low power AM or FM radio station would setup for the scouts to operate as DJ, engineers, and other positions like reports to report on the events.


                  Troop or Patrol build a bridge using Popsicle sticks and white glue, or carpenters glue for waterproofing, with a two foot span and separate the bridges by their weight like you do with the Pine Wood Derby cars.  Then the bridges would be graded by the weight they could support.


                  Another would be for the troops or patrols to collect all the radio contacts for a period from Friday night until say noon Saturday.


      All comments and suggestion would be appreciated


      Johnnie Wimpee

      Spring Camporee Chariman

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