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Re: [Scoutradio] Re: merit badge counselor question

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  • Bill Stewart
    No arguement needed. You are precisely right. That is exactly how it s supposed to work. The Board of Review is just that a review Board. It doesn t approve
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 25, 2004
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      No arguement needed. You are precisely right. That is exactly how it's supposed to work.
      The Board of Review is just that a review Board. It doesn't approve individual requirements,
      it is supposed to review what has been accomplished and insure that the Scout is actually doing
      the requirements of the rank.


      Bill, Venturing Crew 80, W2BSA

      woodbadge_owl wrote:

      I disagree with some statements made below but I don't want to get
      into an online agrument.  So here's my current information.  I base
      this on a letter we received from National about the Merit Badge
      process and reading the Advancement Rules and Regulations Book. The
      Scoutmaster must approve the scout to take the badge before the
      scout is allowed to call a MB counselor. Once the Merit Badge
      counselor signs off on a badge, that scout has then earned the
      badge.  The Board of Review can neither take away nor approve of any
      Merit Badges the scout has earned or wants to earn.  The Scoutmaster
      must then sign off that the scout did get the signature of the MB
      counselor.  This is a "signal" to the troop advancment chair that
      the scout has passed the badge.  The troop advancement chair then
      processes the paperwork, not the board of review nor the
      Scoutmaster.  Also the Scoutmaster cannot refuse a scout a badge
      once the MB counselor has signed the card.  If there is a problem
      with the MB counselor, then the District Advancement Chair must
      resolve that (or Council Advancement Committee if it gets that
      far).  If action is taken against the counselor, none of the scouts
      who were signed off on the badges from that counselor loose their

      Lastly, if you are registered in one council as a MB counselor for
      BSA, then you are registered world wide for Boy Scout of America. 

      --- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, "Gary Wilson" <k2gw@a...> wrote:
      > --- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, "Al Bowman" <abowman@a...>
      > > If you are a qualified and registered merit badge counselor, you
      > can sign for the Scout's completed requirements. The Scoutmaster
      > Board of Review of the Scout's troop will review
      > > and approved his merit badge.  The Advancement report is then
      > signed within the troop and submitted to the Scout's local Council.
      > >
      > > Many merit badge counselors serve in summer camps for Scouts
      > other councils.
      > That's correct.  The merit badge is technically awarded by the
      > troop's Board of Review on it's advancement report, not by the
      > counselor. That's why he or she is a "counselor", and not
      > an "approver". 
      > Being a counselor who holds a current appointment from another
      > council shouldn't make a difference to the local unit Board of
      > Review.  Many Scout units attend summer camps run by other
      > and the question never comes up then, so there's no reason it
      > arise during the winter.
      > One more obscure point from a former commissioner and Wood Badge
      > staffer.  Technically, a boy is supposed to tell his Scoutmaster
      > that he wants to work on a Merit Badge before he starts. The
      > specific Merit Badge counselor for that boy is then selected by
      > Scoutmaster, not the Scout.  But as a practical matter, the
      > selection of the specific counselor is usually the boy looking at
      > list published by the district and selecting one near his home.
      > The bottom line.  You can sign the "blue card" for a Scout from
      > another council.  99% of the time there won't be a problem for the
      > Scout.
      > 73 & YIS
      > Gary Wilson, K2GW
      > Radio MB Counselor

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