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  • ray@sirois.com
    ... Hi Don.... This is what I do: For Introduction 15-20 minutes: - I get a PIZZA BOX (clean one) and on one edge of it I write HAM ... I ask if any of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2004
      > Don here, KC0QNA in Norwood - Young America will be having a Special
      > Event station on the 16th for roughly 100 to 150 Girl Scouts. Any
      > veteran words of wisdom for us as we prepare for how to handle this
      > big event?

      Hi Don....

      This is what I do:

      For Introduction 15-20 minutes:

      - I get a PIZZA BOX (clean one) and on one
      edge of it I write "HAM"...
      I ask if any of the scouts can guess what my
      favorite type of Pizza is. Of course they see
      I have a large HAM pizza. But inside is a
      drawing of all the different SLICES or
      facets and modes of our hobby:

      -Public Service
      -Foxhunting (perhaps have an AM radio handy to rotate...
      scouts often like orienteering... so they catch on to this.)
      -Emergency Communications
      -Digital Modes
      -Antenna experimentation and construction
      -Radio experimentation and construction
      I exlain that different folks dig in to
      different flavors of the hobby to suit their
      different personalities.

      I explain the difference between
      Ham Radio and the Internet
      (non-commercial, non-music, non-anonymous, non-obscene)

      I explain the differences between
      CB, FRS, and HAM
      (eg: legal power levels, licensing etc)

      I explain how easy it is to get a license
      and give them a couple easy examples of
      questions on the Tech test.

      THen for the remainder of the time we
      get ON the AIR, and let the radio and other ops
      do its magic with the kids!!!

      I explain that sometimes Ham Radio is like
      Fishing... you don't always catch anything, and
      you are never sure of what you might catch.

      We search and pounce or Call CQ
      Jamboree.... I try to get as many kids on
      the air as possible.

      Have them give their Name, Town, State
      Unit Number, Rank etc... for starters...
      to whomever you can get on the air.

      If you get another scout on the air from
      a different country, ask the other scouts there
      to say their Scout Promise or Scout Law...
      It is always VERY interesting to the boys/girls
      to hear how this varies from country to

      With a large group, you should break them up into
      groups.... perhaps one station for 2m, one for the
      introduction, one for HF.

      By the way... it is very easy and inexpensive to
      get a low power ATV Transmitter with camera
      built in that runs on 9vdc..... one that transmits
      on CATV Channel 59 or something. This is always
      a hit to let them play with.


      If you have the time....
      If you want to get a little technical...
      come prepared with some 6" coils of wire (10 loops or so)
      an AA dry cell battery and a compass.
      Show them what direct current in their coil does
      to a compass held in the middle of it.

      This is a teamwork thing. One to hold the coil,
      one to hold the compass, one to hold the battery.

      Then have them alternate the poles....
      Ask them to alternate the poles back and forth
      as fast as they can....

      Explain to them that that is called alternating
      current.... and all radio is VERY fast AC.
      An electromagnetic field whose poles alternate
      extremely fast. Tell them that if they could
      alternate it at 1 million cycles per second,
      they could hear it on their AM radio!

      Good Luck and 73
      Ray N1RY
      WJ0TA Club
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