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  • Bob Bruninga
    ... Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 20:23:31 -0500 (EST) From: Bob Bruninga To: TAPR APRS Special Interest Group
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2000
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      On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Novatech Com. LTD. wrote:

      > WOW this group is real dead !

      Well, here is something we posted with scouts and radio last week:
      Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 20:23:31 -0500 (EST)
      From: Bob Bruninga <bruninga@...>
      To: TAPR APRS Special Interest Group <aprssig@...>
      Subject: [aprssig] Special Event idea

      Today, while doing a Boy Scouts' Klondike Derby, with over a hundred
      teams of scouts going between about 20 "stations" and being scored at each
      one, HAM radio was used to report the scores back to a central tent, so
      that the reuslts could be totaled before the scouts left the event.

      Watching the tedious voice reporting of never ending numbers, repeats,
      no answers, and then being manually entered into a laptop, I thought
      there could be an APRS solution...

      If a station had a THD7, he could just enter a message:

      NETCON: 14- 134/19 127/15 139/25 167/56 145/09

      Meaning "Station 14 reporting the following teams and scores: Team 134, 19
      points, team 127, 15 points, team 139, 25 points, team 167, 56 points and
      team 145, 9 points."

      All APRS versions keep log files. These messages could be ingested into
      any spreadsheet program for instant results... with no further operator


      1) No handling errors from transcription to transcription and final
      keyboard entry to laptop. Data is only handled once, instead of 2 or 3

      2) Instant reporting (1 second vice 1 minute) and no delay. Sender does
      not need to wait for a clear channel.

      3) Voice users must wait their turn, listen to be called, be ready when
      called, then report data, an repeats. APRS user just enters it and
      forgets it. If he got an ACK, that data is done..

      4) Voice net is free to do voice stuff, instead of tied up 95% of the time
      with dull numbers while other priority traffic must wait for channel

      CONCLUSION: THis application has nothing to do with POSITION (although
      the venue was large enough where GPS could have maintained a reasonable
      tactical picture). But it is a DATA application. THink in terms of the
      THD7 as being a REMOTE KEYPAD DATA ENTRY STATION... THink outside of the

      de WB4APR, Bob

      PS: Remember, numbers are very easy to enter with the rotary knob, even
      with gloves on in 18 deg temps. SO if you are planning somethign like
      this, think of the ergonomics of your data format so that it is EASY to
      originate on the THD7. Two examples come to mind:

      Instead of having stations "1 though 20" have "A through U" and instead of
      having teams 101 through 199 (they were all 3 digits), use "AA to CZ".
      ALso, this eliminates any possible confusion betwwen STATON numbers and
      SCORE (numerals).. and reduces each report from 6 to 4 bytes each, etc...

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