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  • David
    At last year s JOTA we had a TV set up with an ARRL video in it. It was the first station on the HAM site tour. It caught some kids attention just because
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2004
      At last year's JOTA we had a TV set up with an ARRL video in it. It was the
      first station on the HAM site tour. It caught some kids' attention just
      because it was a TV. I think some of them would have watched it even if it
      was off.

      After the video they got a key demo. I saw a quick class for tigers and
      other scouts a few years ago where a ham taught the letters e, i, s, h, t,
      m, and o. I am sure Morse code purists would have a cow, but with those
      letters, you can make some sentences (See these hot teeth. This time I see
      the tome.) The kids can learn to send and receive sentences like this in
      less than an hour. I'm guessing that 45 minutes would work. After they
      know those letters, they might be hooked. It's an easy success for code.
      I'd add a station to the ham area with this focus.

      Next, they get to go to the phone stations. We had another scout troop that
      was 50 miles away that we found on a repeater. We also picked a local
      repeater and had them call CQ for the Boy Scouts' Jamboree on the Air. We
      had several people that talked to the boys for quite a while. We also had
      10/20/40 meter stations set up. We talked to Jamaica, Costa Rica, South
      America, UK, and many places in the US.

      The Morse code, followed by the worldwide contacts, is a great hook with
      successes they can remember...and might bring them back to get a ham

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      1. JOTA 2004: Ideas needed for Jamboree activities
      From: James Olson <sx88ht20@...>


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      Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 18:57:49 -0700 (PDT)
      From: James Olson <sx88ht20@...>
      Subject: JOTA 2004: Ideas needed for Jamboree activities

      It is time to begin planning for JOTA 2004. I would love to hear about
      activites that can be offered in addition to making contacts on the air.
      Here are my ideas so far:

      Two HF stations (one w/ cw, sstv & rtty, and one w/phone)
      Transmitter hunt (possibly tying it in with orienteering?)
      Morse code explanation and practice oscillators
      Tying in the Webelos Communicator pin
      Introducing the Radio merit badge

      I'm wondering if anyone has any games or building ideas that would be fun
      and possible to complete during JOTA. Has anyone set up an antenna
      structure with wooden poles and lashings?

      All ideas will be appreciated.

      James Olson, W4JO
      Cubmaster Pack 702 and Committee Member Troop 204
      Atlanta Area Council

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