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Need input for ARRL Speakers Group

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  • n2cop
    Dear Fellow Scout Reflector Ham Operators: I m Bill Morine, N2COP. I m the ARRL statewide Public Information Coordinator for North Carolina and I m also a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2004
      Dear Fellow Scout Reflector Ham Operators:

      I'm Bill Morine, N2COP. I'm the ARRL statewide Public Information
      Coordinator for North Carolina and I'm also a member of ARRL's
      national Public Relations Committee (PRC).

      As one of its goals for 2004, the PRC has been asked by ARRL's Board
      of Directors to develop a "Speakers Bureau". This bureau would be a
      resource for the League's 71 Section Managers (SMs) of speakers who
      could make presentations about amateur radio to non-amateur groups.
      In the first phase, a generic presentation such as "This is Amateur
      Radio" will be created, but versions of the presentation will later
      be developed that can be tailored for specific purposes or
      audiences. One of the target groups for which a presentation will be
      developed is Youth, including scouts.

      I've been asked to develop an outline of how to make a presentation
      interesting for youth. The purpose of a speaker to a youth group
      might be to educate them about amateur radio or to recruit candidates
      for licensing. I'm looking for input from scout leaders, scouters
      and scouts themselves as a sub-segment of youth as to what non-
      amateur youth might want to see in a presentation and how to capture
      their attention.

      Any and all replies will be appreciated. My deadline for submitting
      my first draft to the League is Friday, Feb. 27th, so please forward
      your thoughts to me by Wed., Feb. 25th. I appreciate your help very

      Bill Morine, N2COP
      JOTA Coordinator - Cape Fear Council #425
      Wilmington, NC
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