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  • Jon Pearl W4ABC
    ... Hi Bob et al... I was kinda thinking along the same lines. Each and every one of these radios apparently has a different scheme for implementing both ch.
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 28, 1999
      > Yes, true, I agree. I think the above should be re-worded to imply
      > Channel "9" as the leaders channel and then if "quiet tone is needed, then
      > activate Tone 9". Because as HAMS, We usually want to hear everfything
      > on a channel, especially if it has potential to block our communications.
      > So Steven has a good point and I will re-word it in my bext reveision..
      > bob

      Hi Bob et al...

      I was kinda thinking along the same lines. Each and every one of these
      radios apparently has a different scheme for implementing both ch. and PL
      changing. It would be nice to "memorize" both channel and PL in these
      little radios. "Mode's" as Motorolover calls them. While I am in favor of
      keeping out all the extraneous noise, it might be advantageous to allow
      "all" who wish to hit that particular channel, to do so without tone.

      If FRS channel "9" is intended to be monitored by the adults (and anyone
      else for that matter) as a "CB ch. 9" or a "Marine ch. 16," then we need to
      allow all those who make attempts, (youth members especially) easy access to
      said same without the frustration of trying to hail an adult without
      success. I love the use of PL, but for our purposes, I think that if we are
      proposing to make one channel the "defacto" ch. for "sticky situations,"
      then we need to promote it's ease of access.

      On another note...

      In the infinite wisdom of our Council, we had our Camporee, this last
      weekend. Why one week off of the JOTA schedule, I don't know. The entire
      Council camps on even years, and this year (odd year) all four of the
      districts were doing their own thing.


      There was extensive use of FRS, by both adults, and youth.

      The Camporee's theme this year, was" Wilderness Survival Merit Badge." It
      was held in the are known as "Green Swamp West." It is in fact private
      property, owned by "Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWIFTMUD)
      and they were most hospitable.

      Upon arrival, you were greeted at the gate by both a Florida State Trooper
      (we later found to be paid for by SWIFTMUD for our security) and a Boy
      Scout, with an FRS radio (All "Order of the Arrow" youth members that
      attended, had their own FRS radios). The Scout's job was to give
      directions, on how to approach the "check-in" tent, and to communicate to
      another Scout at the check-in tent, that: "Troop ### is on their way in."

      Once the a particular troop's leadership was checked in, they were given
      both a map, and verbal directions to the "staked-off" area where they would
      be camping. At that point, it was announced of FRS that "Troop ###" was
      making their way into the camping area, and would be camping in are ##."
      Another Scout would be waiting for the Troop's arrival in that area, with an
      FRS radio in hand. It all worked out quite well.

      As a side note... there was a proliferation of 5W CB handhelds in use. One
      of them was stationed in the first-aid tent, where I was teaching my
      particular element of the MB class. Someone had left a pair of these
      radios on a table nearby. When I listened, I was amazed at the amount of HF
      propagation that was coming through from other states, even with rubber
      ducks attached. The FRS radio's are just great for all the short-haul
      stuff. I asked a couple of the boys (OA) who were with us on Saturday
      evening, setting up the large camp-fire, how the radios had performed for
      them. They said that there were no dead spots on their entire range of
      travel while on the property, except for those times when they were in

      Attention: No radio stuff below!

      How was the Camporee?

      It was great! We had "feature writer" with us, who has studied and followed
      stories of "Big Foot" sighting all over the world. The actual title of this
      year's Camporee was in fact: "Big Foot Wilderness Survival Camporee," so
      this guy played in very well. During the Saturday night camp fire(s) he
      spoke of following the Yeti around the world. He told us of some of his
      Scouting adventures as a boy. While still in his teens, he and a friend
      used to go camping by themselves in the woods of upstate New York. He told
      us that he and his companion used to revel in "walking through the woods at
      night." On one particular occasion, he and his buddy came upon a site that
      was a, "known good spot to camp," as it was on a bluff that overlooked a
      piney valley.

      They set up camp, and later cooked dinner. After cleaning up, they decided
      to have a look down into the valley, well below them and noticed a pair of
      large campfires. To their amazement, they heard the voices of many people
      chanting. "Wow" they thought... there are quite a few people down there...
      it must be a Scout encampment. The next morning they broke camp, and headed
      into a little town nearby and asked the old man inside if there was a Scout
      Camp nearby. The answer was not what they expected.

      They were told that there "was" a Scout Camp in the area, but that it hadn't
      been occupied for many years. They boys told the story of what they had
      seen and heard, and the old man was not surprised. He told them that he had
      heard the same story many times before... he then asked: "How many campfires
      did you see?" They replied: "Two." "You saw two campfires?" "Yes" they
      said... He then went on to tell them the reason why no Scout Camp existed
      there today. "During the witch trials many years ago, there were a couple
      of sisters, that were suspected of being witches." "The two were burned at
      the stake, on the very spot, where the Scout Camp was built, many years
      later." "What you heard, was not the voices of Boy Scouts, but the chanting
      of the villagers, as they burned the two sisters to death, side-by-side, in
      a pair of large fires."

      During our Camporee, we set up a pair of fires. Our feature writer made
      mention of the fact that it was quite eeeeerie to see a pair of large fires
      like these, as they reminded him of similar circumstances from when he was a

      The story was great! The fires were great! The pairs of RED EYES watching
      us from the tree-line, about a hundred yards away were great!

      Later that night, as prescribed in the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge, the
      boys had to sleep, away from the rest of the camp, in a primitive
      encampment, that they had previously set up, earlier that day.

      You tell me how they slept...

      Jon Pearl


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    • Jon Pearl W4ABC
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        Well forget any reference to ch.9... That last one got out of my box after I
        saw Ray's post.

        It's getting better. Thanks for helping to refine the thought process Ray.

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