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  • Frank Krizan
    Alan, et al, I contacted Ray Moyer at National and his reply is cut and pasted below. 73, Frank KR1ZAN ... Frank, 1.. The commitment will run from 19 days to
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 26, 2003
      Alan, et al,
      I contacted Ray Moyer at National and his reply is cut and pasted below.
      73, Frank KR1ZAN


      1. The commitment will run from 19 days to 13 days depending upon the assigned job.
      2. We ask that everyone bring their own handhelds and some will bring specific equipment for a specific operation.
      3. Licenses are minimum general class but extra class is the norm with experience in licensing and a specific operation mode helps.


      The most important is that we try to put a staff together that can work together. Time off is minimum and in most of the key staff non existent but we all enjoy working together and demonstrating to scouts.


      Hope this helps. Thanks for passing this along.


      73, Ray

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      Subject: Re: [Scoutradio] Digest Number 413

      Now that this announcement has officially come out I have some questions about being on K2BSA staff.
      How long is the commitment? 2, 2.5 3 weeks at the Jambo site?
      Is personal equipment required?
      Is a certain license class needed? I understand that a General class license is highly recommended but I have yet to upgrade due to work and school commitments over the past 4 years. I am planning on upgrading after I graduate this fall.
      Can someone answer these questions?

      Also just a piece of info I passed along a couple of months ago the staff fee has been increased $100; this is a blanket increase of the Jambo fees. $100 down payment is also required to secure your spot at your assigned staff spot along with payments of moneys according to a set schedule.
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