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Fw: [aprssig] RE: FRS Radios at Scout Camp

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  • Neil Lauritsen
    [FORWARDED BY scout@gte.net] From: Braaten, Ed To: TAPR APRS Special Interest Group Cc: Bob Bruninga
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 1999
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      From: Braaten, Ed <ed.braaten@...>
      To: TAPR APRS Special Interest Group <aprssig@...>
      Cc: Bob Bruninga <bruninga@...>
      Sent: Monday, October 25, 1999 12:44 AM
      Subject: [aprssig] RE: FRS Radios at Scout Camp

      > Family Radio can be a great introduction to 2-way radio that we Hams
      > shouldn't overlook as we try to recruit the next generation of Ham
      > operators...
      > I recently took my 10 yr old son with me to the Pacificon
      > Convention/Hamfest. My son brought along his Family Radio (one of those
      > Yaesu/Vertex ones) which happens to be compatible with some Yaesu handheld
      > accesories. You can imagine the gleam in his eye when I purchased one of
      > those little microphones and a belt pouch for his Family Radio. The rest
      > the day he wandered about the HamFest playing radio with Dad, pretending
      > gear was like the "real" Amateur radios everyone else was carrying. He's
      > now more determined than ever to finish studying and obtain his Amateur
      > license.
      > As many have noted here on the sig, APRS also has a way of attracting the
      > attention of non-hams in a non-threatening way. Let's continue to share
      > magic! :-)
      > 73, Ed
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      > From: Bob Bruninga [mailto:bruninga@...]
      > Sent: 24 October 1999 15:07
      > To: TAPR APRS Special Interest Group
      > Subject: [aprssig] FRS Radios at Scout Camp
      > This is not APRS, but it is "tactical-real-time" comunications which is
      > also what APRS is about. If you are not into scouting. hit DELETE...
      > If you know a HAM that is into Scouting, forward it to him/her...
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      > Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 15:38:04 -0400 (EDT)
      > From: Bob Bruninga <bruninga@...>
      > Reply-To: scoutradio@onelist.com
      > For the last year, I have been pushing the use of FRS radios in support of
      > Scouting. Having just spent the weekend at "Woodsmoke 99", with over
      > 1000 scouts and scouters, I am modifying my suggestions somewhat from
      > lessons learned. Here is a current suggested plan (and open to any
      > comments or constructive criticism)...
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > 1) BE RADIOACTIVE!
      > 2) Monitor channel-1. Channel-1, Tone-0 is the SCOUTS CHANNEL.
      > When arriving in the woods or to an event, look for others or
      > for your buddies here. If it is not too crowded, stay on channel 1
      > whenever you are outdoors and looking for others.
      > 3) Scout camps, jamboree's and other large gatherings should designate
      > channel 9 tone 9, as the official LEADERS CHANNEL or event
      > calling channel. THe event organizers, VIP's and
      > scoutmasters and FIRST AID tent should monitor this channel
      > throughout the event for administrative items, logistics,
      > emergencies. Keep this channel for ALERTING all leaders to
      > changing or evolving events only. Do not use it for routine
      > operations (and chatter. Or everyone will stop listening to it).
      > 4) Designate channel 10, tone 10 as the first general operations
      > or staff channel. THis is where they coordinate things
      > internally for routine operations as needed.
      > By publishing it, then at least other scouts can find it if
      > needed and/or they cannot raise anyone on 9/9.
      > 5) ALL SCOUTS should be taught radio-telephone procedure and courtesy:
      > * Always use a callsign. For 500 scouts there are 500
      > "DAD's". Agree to your family calls before hand.
      > * Do not transmit on a channel until it is clear
      > * Do not clog up the channel with play if there are others
      > waiting to use it.
      > * Follow the scout law: Trustworthy, Helpful, friendly,
      > Courteous, and cheerful.
      > * To move up in radio to greater range, data, and satellite
      > communications, study and earn your Amateur Radio License.
      > 6) Consider having a "COMMUNICATIONS" session at all scouting events
      > where appropriate. Just like knot tying, encampment, cooking,
      > artist sportsman, have a session on COMMUNICATIONS (even though
      > 2-way radio is not even mentioned in the WEBLOS BOOK under that
      > chapter!! (and the cover photo is of a kid with headphones on!)
      > 7) Most legacy CAMP Literature contains a warning telling everyone NOT
      > TO BRING RADIOS to camp. Please work wihthin your council to
      > re-word this to permit "2-way" radios.
      > 8) Look for applications of radio fun. Consider a FOX hunt, where the
      > fox hides and is required to answer yes/no questions. Use it for
      > oreinteering. Have scout patrols report their position by
      > compass "bearing" lines from known objects and have others plot
      > their locations on the map and then give them "movement orders"
      > to the next station. Etc.
      > 9) Introduce these concepts at your council. Lets get them codified
      > into the scouting books and the RADIO merit badges...
      > Send comments/suggestions to Bob Bruninga, WB4APR (wb4apr@...).
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