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94What is JOTA?

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  • David Hutchinson
    Oct 1, 1999
      J.O.T.A. stands for Jamboree On The Air. It was the brain child of Les
      Mitchell G3BHK, a UK scout leader at an International Jamboree in England.
      He was operating an amateur radio station for the jamboree and wanted to
      offer a regular reunion for scouts around the world via amateur radio. JOTA
      traditionally takes place over the 3rd full weekend in October each year.
      This year will be the 42nd annual event and will take place over 16th and
      17th October.

      There will be hundreds of British scout stations operating for JOTA using
      GB prefix callsigns. JOTA is NOT a contest. To participate all you need to
      do is to get some scouts together to share in the event and then call CQ
      JOTA on the short wave bands or answer CQ JOTA calls from other scout

      JOTI on the other hand is Jamboree on the Internet and it is held the same
      weekend as JOTA. It has been running for 5 or 6 years now and I haven't a
      clue who thought it up. :-) There are plenty of scout web sites which give
      details of JOTA and JOTI activity. The main one is probably the one run by
      the World Scout Bureau in Geneve. More details of JOTA and JOTI are
      available from Scoutbase UK - see my tag line below.

      73 de

      David Hutchinson GI4FUM/EI4DJ
      Assistant District Commissioner(venture scouts)Antrim & Dist
      Assistant County Commissioner(activities)County Antrim
      Northern Ireland Scout Council
      100115.3541@... or fitamed@...

      Scoutbase UK
      Northern Ireland Scout home page
      Grand National Archery Society home page

      Writing at 08:22:23 on 01/10/1999
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