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809Re: Yahoo Membership Changes

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  • w4abc
    Aug 3, 2002
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      --- In scoutradio@y..., wa6lbu@a... wrote:
      > This was why I took my ARES newsgroup from Yahoo to QTH.Net. This
      > several other reasons.

      For many of the same reasons many have gone to Topica, I imagine.

      There are lots of compromises in a system of this sort -
      that's 'free' but not free of those looking for a dozen different
      ways to profit.

      At one time I was ready to pull all my lists from here and put them
      under the Topica banner. Some of my more important lists rely
      greatly on the calendar function here. For keeping lots of people
      organized beyond the most simple function - email... there's nothing
      like it - compromizes or no.

      Yours in Scouting.

      Jon Pearl W4ABC
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