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801Yahoo Membership Changes

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  • Jon Pearl W4ABC
    Aug 1 10:03 PM

      I've been noticing shrinking membership numbers on several lists over the past few weeks.  I found that YahooGroups had made a change early in July concerning the way they treat subscribers who 'soft bounce'.  List owners and moderators used to have the ability to throw those members who appeared on the membership 'bouncing' page - back on the list.  No more!  Your mailbox fills up and you're out!  The owner or moderator has to sift through the bouncing list and individually request that you be reinstated.  


      If you own, moderate or are using an alias email address on YahooGroups, consider the following...


      This notice is for all members. 

      Whether you are a long time user of YahooGroups! or are new to the concept, YahooGroups! made some important changes in the say they deal with 'bouncing' email at the beginning of July.  This could effect your subscription to this and all other groups that you are subscribed to.
      It is particularly important for those who have subscribed to this or any other group utilizing the Yahoo email address that was offered.  If in fact you do find yourself selecting your Yahoo email address as your mail delivery address, all messages originating from this and possibly other YahooGroups! ‘groups’, (including any SPAM) are  being sent to that email account that you as a member either do not realize you have, or never check - so that it quickly fills up, reaches its quota, and then begins bouncing messages. At that point Yahoo suspends discussion group subscriptions.  That’s YOU! 

      As an example, my email address is myemail@... , but as a byproduct of subscribing to YahooGroups!, I also have myemail@... available for my use.  If I've elected to have my 'groups' mail sent to my Yahoo email address and I don’t go to Yahoo.com (click on 'Mail' at the top of the screen) on a regular basis and view the email in my Yahoo ‘in box’, I may well find that I’m no longer receiving email from the ‘groups’ that I subscribed to because my in box is full!  It must be emptied!

      In the past few weeks Yahoo has suspended many group memberships.  Most of these are Yahoo.com email accounts but it can happen with any email address that’s found to have a full in box.  It happens all the time to folks who go on vacation!


      Yahoo has always had a system for automatically suspending the subscriptions of members whose email accounts bounce messages sent to them. Bouncing may occur because an email account has been deactivated or because it has reached its limit in terms of the number of messages it can retain. 

      After a period of time, if the bouncing member does not resolve the problem and reactivate the subscription, it will be cancelled.

      Recently Yahoo.com has changed its system for identifying and suspending bouncing accounts with the result that many more accounts are being suspended while group owners and moderators can no longer unbounce a subscription but rather ask for a notice to be sent to the subscriber who may not receive the notice (catch 22) because the account is bouncing messages!

      The changes in this system might be suspending members' subscriptions without the member being notified so as to afford them an opportunity to preserve their membership from being deleted.  Many of the "over quota" accounts are Yahoo.com email accounts.

      If you have a Yahoo.com email account, or any account where you receive your messages, be sure to check it regularly and clean it out so that it does not go over quota. This is necessary with Hotmail.com or any other email account. 

      For those of you who regularly log onto http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups and read your ‘groups’ mail from the website but utilize your Yahoo email address as a method of avoiding the email that flows from your YahooGroups! account - to the email address that you’ve registered with your ‘Internet Service Provider’… your ‘in box’ at Yahoo may well be getting full!


      Two suggestions… 

      Receive your YahooGroups! mail at home - 

      Click on a ‘group’ under ‘Group Name’ while you’re visiting the http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups page and then click on ‘Edit My Membership’ in the right hand corner.  Move down to the ‘Email Address’ line and choose another email address by unselecting your Yahoo email address… preferably the email address you’ve registered with your ‘ISP’.  It would seem that with the changes made at the beginning of July, directing your email to your Yahoo email in box might well have become more of a liability than a benefit. 


      Receive no mail from YahooGroups!

      While on the above page – look for the line labeled: ‘Message Delivery’, choose ‘No Mail’ if you will be reading your mail directly from the web page.  In the event you choose this option, it doesn’t really matter what email address that you use as no mail is being sent anywhere to mistakenly overfill an in box. 

      If this message looks like it is addressed to you... go to www.yahoo.com and click on ‘mail’ to see what hiding in you ‘in box’.  

      If you have any questions regarding the changes that YahooGroups! has made regarding the unsubscription of ‘bouncing’ members, give me a holler.

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