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748Re: [Scoutradio] Radio Merit Badge at clinic

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  • Bill Stewart
    Jul 4, 2002
      Kelly, It has been done. We have done it here in the Colonial District, National Capital Area Council. Each January, we have a merit badge jamboree using one of the local
      public schools. When we do the merit badge we require the candidates to read the book and do the required home work ahead of time. They then come to the merit badge jamboree
      and turn in the homework and we sign them of on the items that the homework fulfills. We then do a 1/2 day lecture and hands on session during the Merit Badge Jamboree where
      they get a chance to make contacts. Most usually fulfill the requirements the same day.
      The biggest problem is getting the boys to do the homework. Usually, it because the Scoutmasters done relay the information to the boys that there are prerequisites. This is true
      of most of the merit badges in the jamboree that have requirements that the boys must do.
      One other thing we do is we recognize the boys that have a Amateur Radio License. Those that are licensed are signed off on all of the Amateur Radio Requirements and awarded
      the merit badge. We believe that by virtue of the fact that the boy took the time and effort to learn what was required to pass the exam and earn his license that he has earned  his
      Radio Merit Badge as well.

      73 and YiS,

      Bill Stewart, Crew 80, Alexandria, VA W2BSA
      Kelly Bersch wrote:
      I've been lurking here for quite a while and finally have a question.  I've
      been asked if it's feasible to present the Radio Merit Badge at a Merit
      Badge Clinic (in east Mesa, AZ).  They would like for the Scouts to be able
      to complete all or most of the requirements at that time.  Has anyone done
      this?  Any ideas?  All ideas are greatly appreciated.

      73 de AC7EW

      Check out the UK Radio-Scouting page here at Yahoo!Groups. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/radio-scouting-uk

      Now that you've got new licensees in your unit, why not have them subscribe to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ScoutRadioYouth

      Great list of Scouting/Amateur Radio web sites:

      Visit the "Adventure Radio Society" http://www.natworld.com/ars/

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