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723Re: [Scoutradio] Re: New file uploaded to scoutradio

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  • n6mly
    Jun 3 8:47 AM
      I would consider changing the entire list to moderated only as a last
      resort. The volume on this list is low enough that it wouldn't be a huge
      moderator problem but still it would be a slowdown on the speed of

      I don't see an option to in Yahoo groups to moderate just the file uploads.
      But rather then moderating all postings I would suggest the option to
      moderate new members only. Most of the trouble seems to come from
      new members who subscribe strictly for the purpose of causing trouble.

      You can also make the list "Restricted" (requiring moderator approval to
      join) but there still might be some who slip by. But the combination of
      both options should handle 99% of any spam troubles.

      My suggestions FWIW.

      Phil, n6mly

      ----- Original Message -----
      >I believe Yahoo Groups lets you moderate just the file uploads. It might be
      >best to moderate only that feature.
      >Dave Colter, WA1ZCN
      >Another option might be to change to restricted membership instead of
      >the present open membership, i.e. subscriber approval.
      >Either/any way, it would be better than the spam. What do others think?
      >Fred Stevens K2FRD
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