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  • Jon Pearl W4ABC
    Mar 7, 1999
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      Dear Jon,

      Please forward your mailing address for the material we are going to send
      to you for the Scouting Spectacular. As for the loaner TH-D7A and VC-H1 we
      have many units out on loan presently and will have to get some back to
      send. I will do what I can, however, we do have a video on both products
      and will send for any future opportunity you would have to show it to
      people. The videos really give a good introduction to the product and the
      various features.

      I will try to work something out.

      Clifford Uyeda
      Kenwood Communication Corp.

      I received the above e-mail the other day, and responded with my address
      as requested. I also 'laid it on thick' that with the numbers of boys and
      adults, along with the local news media expected to be in attendance at the
      'Spectacular,' that our needs for a 'diverse' presentation were nothing
      short of paramount.

      Just received a 17 lb. package from ICOM on Friday. The box was full of
      ICOM's multi colored HF through SHF frequency charts. These should go over
      well with the boys. We are still waiting for a couple of other boxes from

      I think Dan (W4BNC) (strong, silent type) has something up his sleeve
      also, but I'll let him make that announcement when he cements his deals.

      Dan and I have some good news. It is as good as a 'done deal,' that we
      have taken ownership of both a UHF and VHF repeater in the upper-mid county
      area. The deal was struck with the help of a long time friend, Neil
      Petrocci (N4KQZ). For the time being I will not offer up the name of the
      Radio Amateur that made the donation of the machines, out of respect for his
      privacy. Hopefully I can convince him to attend the +ACI-Scout Spectacular+ACI- on
      the 27th of this month, and each of you can thank him personally for his
      valued contribution to +ACI-West Central Florida ScoutRadio Network.+ACI-

      At the very least we were hoping to secure this site (location only) to
      be used as our 'ScoutRadio' hub,' but when Neil popped up on the radio the
      other night, and said to me, +ACI-Jon you better sit down,+ACI- I sat down. He said
      that the owner of the machines was willing to donate them to +ACI-West Central
      Florida ScoutRadio Network+ACI- for Scouting use. +ACI-Hell, sit down, I almost
      fell down+ACEAIg-

      More to come as we get closer to the date.

      For Dan (W4BNC) and myself,

      73, de W4ABC
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