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57Re: Scouts Camping Electrical Lesson

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  • Don Van Horn
    Jun 14, 1999
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      Have a demonstration for my scout radio/elecricity class called the lemmon
      battery, and spit on a blotter. WEs copper wire, and different metals stuck
      in a lemon, and diferent coins with a spit soaked blotter between them
      (silver & copper work very well, if you have the silver coins)

      Don K1FZY OM of KC6ETE David

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      > Subject: [scoutradio] Scouts Camping Electrical Lesson
      > From: Bob Bruninga <bruninga@...>
      > On my next camping trip, I will take along a bundle of wire and give
      > each kid one or two small bulbs. I will have a central low voltage
      > powersupply and let em play. The objective is to string wire to their
      > tent to keep their bulb lit. Lessons are splicing, power distribution,
      > voltage drop, series and parallel connections. Sparks and so forth.
      > 12 volts woiuld be nice, but I just happened to stumble on a bunch of
      > little bulbs and sockets that are 24 volts. A small 24 volt bell
      > transformer serves as my supply. So far my source of wire is a 25 foot
      > piece of 50 conductor phone wire used on old fashioned 5 button phones.
      > With 25 pairs of multicolor #28? solid cnductor wire that is easy to pull
      > out in pairs, and has so far served us for building Telegraph sets,
      > phones, and XTAL radios and we still have lots of wire left. This one
      > piece of wire supplies over 625 feet of wire pairs.
      > My kids did it last night on a backyard campout and had a blast. The
      > beauty of the small wire and limited supply transformer (1 amp) clearly
      > demonstrates brownout as loading increases. Also short circuit current is
      > limited and fail safe. ALso 24 volts does give enough of a tingle when
      > you are wet to teach a little respect for it.
      > I post this cautiously, because the point here is to teach them something
      > useful and safely. This is not a recommendation for unsupervised use by
      > idiots.
      > de WB4APR, Bob
      > It reminds me of my youth when we wired the whole neighborhood pieced
      > together from bits of wire found in the phone company dumpster. No piece
      > was longer than 10 feet, but our network extended probably over 1500 feet.
      > It rarely worked well, but we did move from morse code with bulbs, through
      > carbon mics to an amplified intercom system. THen we got the original 3
      > transistor supperg\reggen Knight Kit walkie talkies and never used the
      > wire again...
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